How swollen were you?

I had preeclampsia symptoms with Harry and the last few days before birth was putting on a pound a day just by swelling. It was vile. But it was also a bit extreme and I'm aware it wasnt really the norm.

I've become more swollen recently (am 33 weeks) and my feet and ankles (and calves) are so swollen that I can't bear to look at them, and actually, hubby and son are both a bit queasy and support my keeping those areas covered up. 

I'm being checked for PE but my BP is pretty good actually so I'm not assuming it's that. 

So.... If you didn't have PE/something else, and just experienced good ol' pregnancy swelling, what was it like, what areas and when did it start/get worse?

Thanks for any info! x


  • I was very swollen from about 38weeks, particularly hands, feet/legs and face. I think it was worse because it was such a hot summer too. I had my sandals on the widest setting and if I pushed my finger into my calf it'd leave an indentation! They won't worried though as my urine was clear, it was uncomfortable though.

  • (Sorry meant to say it got worse around 38weeks but probably started before, it didn't go for ages after having him either!)

  • I swelled loads and loads, it was gross! I was heavily pregnant last summer though, which was super hot, so that probably had some influence. I had my feet in buckets of ice cold water!
  • I had badly swollen feet and ankles, so badly I could only wear flip flops (luckily it was in summer), from 38 weeks and hands were so swollen I developed carpal tunnel so had constant numbness in my fingers.

    Do they go down overnight?

  • My hands are swollen, I had to take my rings off a few weeks ago for me oddly it gets worse at night instead of in the day. My ankles have become cankles but although they're noticeable it's not horrific. I've got protein in my urine but my BP is fine, so I'm not worrying.

  • I had cankles with J, he was 38w and it was definitely for a couple of weeks beforehand. He was also an August baby so weather a lot warmer!

    This week my wedding ring has become uncomfortable but only slightly, and my ankles ever so slightly. I've put on weight though I think which won't help!
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