How the heck do you get NHS antenatal classes?

I asked the midwife about this at my last visit and she told me to go onto the parent craft website and book myself on. I cannot find anything like what she is talking about, and our hospital website is no help either. 

Any ideas? I’m not due to see the midwife again until mid december and I don’t want to leave it too late.



  • We got given a number to call and book. I would call the midwife or google classes at yoput nhs trust and see what pops up x
  • The reception desk at our 'family centre' where we see the midwife are the ones with the details and - in our area - the only ones who can book us on them.

  • I couldnt even get onto ours, so in the end went private. My community midwife did her own,  at her house. £55 from 9.30-1.30 on a saturday and it was fab! A lot of the people on it said they had also did the NHS ones and they were rubbish. Obviously it depends on your area but glad I didnt choose the nhs ones. Plus ours are spread over 4 evenings.

    You could try ringing the hosp/ antenatal dept, see if they can advise you?

  • Must be different in areas lovey as I signed up for all the classes I was interested in and was given the dates for them at my 20 week scan so the midwife did it at the hospital. Do you know anyone else in your local region that might be able to help?

  • My community midwife gave me a number to call, its was held at our local childrens centre. My SIL had to ring the local midwife unit for hers, that might be worth calling?

  • Thanks ladies. Tried the hospital, they’re no help. They said it’s down to the midwives and you can only speak to community midwives between 1 and 4 mon-fri in our area. I don’t know any other pregnant ladies in my town.

    I know I’m being silly and it’s not urgent but I feel so frustrated! Every time I need advise or help I have to jump through hoops to get to speak to anyone round here. Urgh.

  • I feel for you OB. I cant fault my care ante or Post natal. All communication and care has been top class really. Move near me ;-)
  • What about tryin then childrens centre, they may be able to help- maybe they could point you in the right direction, in my area they are involved in pre natal, post natal and childrens services. Its fustrating when you cant get a simple answer isnt it?

  • The midwife showed me the number in my hospital notes and told me to book it.

  • My MW booked mine at the same time as my booking-in appt. Wouldn't have got in otherwise as demand was so high!

  • My mw booked mine. Realise that's no use to you though! Think I'd call yours on Monday to ask her to be more specific.

  • There are no NHS antenatal classes in our area, it's ridiculous. If you can't affordNCT or other private classes then you don't get any!

  • Thanks ladies, I’ll have a look through my book just in case there is anything in there. If not I’ll be chasing midwives next week!!

    Mrs 50s, that’s awful!

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