I have just discovered the downside of slinging

When the baby does an explodapoo not only do they get covered, everything they are wearing gets covered, the sling gets covered ... and YOU get covered.

That quickly ended our outing for today and we have retreated home.


  • Oh yes been there :( E had D&V, H decided she'd be better in a sposie. He wasn't the one that got covered going round Sainsburys with her in the Babyhawk. Horrid.

  • I was thinking we had never had an explodapoo with Zoe, mayybe that was because she was in cloth.  Maybe this is the motivation I need to get Orla into the cloth nappies.

  • oh lord! I'm sure its not funny for you but I am Laugh just a little! reminds me of when my eldest projectile pooed with no nappy on - all over the change table, carpet, wall, himself and me - no idea where to start to clean it all up!

  • Oh dear. My friends hubby was trying on a suit in M&S and his daughter projectile vomited on him and he had to buy it!

  • Before opening this I knew it was poo related!

  • I thought you were gonna say slinging gives excellent 'aim' for baby to puke down your cleavage (definite downside) but yes, explodapoo also bad!

  • Ick! bleurgh! 

    I have never (yet!) had this pleasure <frantically touches wood>

  • We have had a explode-poo but it went up her back so she was covered and the sling was covered and H got covered getting her off my back and somehow by some small miracle i got away unblemished! now when i smell poo it is straight to the changing mat no waiting and hoping

  • Oh dear! I've never experienced this, although I've had the puke thing (well milk) which was fun. Now I've written I've realised that this'll probably happen to me tomorrow as I've agreed to look after my friend's whirl wind toddler & take both him & my daughter to the farm. Hope it was a 1 off jb

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