i don't know what to do with myself (lighthearted)

We've spent the last 4 or 5 days teaching A to sleep in her cot and settle herself after we'd had an awful few weeks of her only sleeping on me and waking a lot at night.

Anyway, i've put her down for a nap and she settled herself, woke after 30 mins (as usual) but seems to be settling herself back down.

What do I do now?? I'm sat on my phone and watching the telly but feel like i should be doing something more productive!


  • Put the kettle on and enjoy a hot of cup of tea while you can!

  • Eat chocolate!! :-D

    ETA: - With the tea and TV of course.

  • I'd read. I never get the chance to read anymore

  • I don't drink tea or coffee, but will enjoy my juice lol

    She doesn't nap very well during the day, which is why this is such a novelty! She didn't settle back down herself, but with a little help from me she's asleep again and for ober an hour this time..! She rarely goes longer than 30 mins.

    Good idea about reading. Think i'm halfway through a book i started before she was born amd haven't picked up since...reckon i'll have to start from the beginning again!

  • How did you do it nenas?

  • She was asleep for 2.5 hours in the end! She has a bit of a cold though so think she needed the rest. She's never slept that long before lol

  • Oh, and I ended up watching This Morning...uninterrupted lol. So rock n roll Laugh

  • Bexy... we have been doing pick up/put down and its been going quite well. First day was really tough but she seemed to cotton on pretty quickly and we've made some really good progress!

  • That's brilliant nenas.. My little man goes down fine at night but I might try this for morning nap time as its a struggle!

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