I had forgotten about this phase (bad mummy alert!!)

When they can roll onto their tummies and then get cross because they can't get back and roll about like a stranded tortoise. Of course i couldn't resist taking a photo before i rescued her.....again.....! Laugh


  • Ahhhh!! Bless!!

  • Aw bless!

    Iris is now rolling both ways so I often find her stuck under something where she's rolled across the room multiple times and then got stuck. Usually under the sofa! I mostly have a good giggle before rescuing her!!

  • W rolled over for the first time last week and clocked his head off the sofa.  For a momentous moment, he was more upset that he'd hurt his head than the fact that he'd got stuck. He rolled again the other day and It was so cute! he seemed to enjoy being on his tummy for all of about 5 minutes before deciding he didn't like it, so he started crying.

  • Weirdly iris rolled tummy to back consistently at about 12 weeks, I suspect it's because she's been a tummy sleeper since 5 weeks.

    Once she was on her back she would scream blue murder as hated it. We had 10 weeks of that before she learnt to roll back to tummy as well!!

  • My little one was the opposite. Screamed if on her back! She rolled at 10 weeks thank goodness! Even now she won't tolerate being on her back at 8 months.

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