I think they might explode

My boobs that is. I'm only 24 weeks and they are massive. Even my friends have mentioned how big they are. I could cry!


  • awwww LR hugs mine were big to begin with I was a g cup, and they went even bigger immediately after the baby, theyve shrunk a tiny bit so now bk to bein a g cup. My friends said theirs shrunk massively and went smaller than theyd originally been I was sooooo hoping that would happen to me x

  • Similar here. I was an E cup, only gone done from an F though dieting (that seems to be the first place I loose it thankfully) I'm wearing a G now which I think is too small so getting measured on Monday. I grudge buying bras now though when ill need nursing ones soon enough!

  • I went to nursing bras as quickly as possible I think I was about 12 weeks gone *the shame* I'm still wearing them now but cant wait to get back into pretty bras x

  • Luna I'm putting it off until the baby is here. They are just horrid, unsupporting and unattractive. The longer I can avoid them the better!

  • I went into nursing bras about 10 weeks and I hate them, the one thing I always had for me was nice underwear but I went from a 32G to a 36GG really really quickly and now seem to be having another growth spurt and I'm filling an h cup now. I just couldn't justify paying all that money for nice underwear when I would only be in it for 5 minutes but now I'm stuck because anything bigger will cost a lot anyway!

  • My thinking is it will take my boobs a while to go back down again after bfing so ill probably get to use the bigger bras at the other side for a while.

  • That's true, I was just worried about how fast they got bigger! I'm only 5'2" and all I keep getting now is comments about the size of me, between my bust and my bump there's no hope!!

  • I'm only 5'2 as well so feel your pain :-(

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