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I'm loving the Cloth Nappiness that's being spread on this forum lately......



  • It's getting me to post more for sure. I love a good cloth discussion. I've also ordered a few different types to try, having only used BG for my eldest as my youngest has been leaking a lot. I may well have given up this time around, but hearing about the wonders of bamboo has given me the incentive to boost and carry on! I just wish more people realised how easy they are.

  • My cloth parcels were all dispatched yesterday and I have to wait until June to play with them Weep

    I'd have used them with E but H is so against them- I honestly think he is picturing terry towelling with pins [bless] I'm sure he will be surprised at how easy they are to change. He did say it was up to me but he refuses to be involved in the cleaning side of them- as if my H has ever done the laundry in our house since we moved in together Hmm

  • That's exactly what my H said WS - until I pointed out that he has used our 'new' washing machine twice in the 2 years since we have had it!

  • I'm loving seeing the success' of people using them so I don't feel so bad when some of our friend are saying you'll never keep that up. H is really supportive and we're going for the terries & nappi nippas. My mum is paying for all the terries as she thinks it's a great idea too, she used them with with me as I didn't agree with disposables. I'm just thinking how many positives there are too them, I don't want to put too much pressure on myself so plan is to us disposable until baby hits 10lb and then we have a proper fluffy bum.

  • garfield

    That's exactly what my H said WS - until I pointed out that he has used our 'new' washing machine twice in the 2 years since we have had it!

    Laugh At least he has used it! Mine has no idea how to work the one we have here, he hasn't seen it since it was delivered and plugged in as he has no reason to go into the utility room! 

  • Kate i hope you are not using copyrighted words!! ;-)

  • My husband had said he wasn't going to use the cloth napes and would use disposables when he was looking after zoe. He never did, the cloth was so ready he just did it. He didn't like dealing with poo nappies but then who does

  • JB - I have mainly Bumgenius and then various other pockets...  its LL bamboo and wraps all the way for us now.

  • I emailed our council to see if they offered anything and just got this email back :-)

    You get 10 nappies, 2 waterproof covers, a laundry mesh, 5 booster pads and 100 nappy liners to get you started. The pack is provided by Tots Bots so you may want to go onto their website to find out further information on the nappies.

  • Ally! That's brilliant.. I get nothing in this area.

  • I know Bexy, fab isn't it! I'm so glad I emailed to ask lol cos there was nothing on the website

  • Maybe I'll do the same then as I just assumed as there was nothing on the website there wasn't anything

  • Worth a try! if you don't ask you don't get :-)

  • That's the site I checked WS and mine aren't on it! So glad I still emailed to check

  • I was also thinking how many cloth threads there have been lately, it's fab! Ally, I want to live where you do if you get a Tots Bots kit! That said, my council do £30 cash back, which I should really get round to claiming.

  • That's naughty Ally, At least you got in touch! Is it because you get Tots Bots rather than cash incentives though? I wish we could claim Sad I just get funny looks from people over here, recycling is not very big in Dubai in any form Laugh

  • I'm not sure WS, they did say they were getting their website updated so maybe once they've done that they'll be on the site you linked

    £30 better than nothing Stripey, prefer my kit though ;-)

  • Well I emailed but the response was that they no longer offer incentives..

  • Oh that's rubbish. Pretty impressed with the service round here, the guy that emailed me just hand delivered me the stuff I need to send to totsbots to get my pack :-)

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