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I'm loving the Cloth Nappiness that's being spread on this forum lately......



  • That is a really good deal.  Our council used to do £50 off a cloth nappy spend but now don't offer anything at all.

  • this was something that I really wanted to try. When I was pregnant I'd emailed our wildlife trust (who ran the schemes) to make an apt with their cloth nappy rep but it was one of many things that I to let go off when Luke was poorly.

  • Fifi, I also may be interested in what you have to sell.  Are they suitable for newborns? I think I want to build up a little stash to try.  Can you let me know what you have and how much you're after?  Thanks x

  • Damn, we don't need BumGenius - unless they are newborn ones which I doubt as not many people seem to use them.  

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