If #1 was early....

......was #2 also early? By early I mean term but early. Or is there no relationship between arrivals in subsequent pregnancies, not sure if there is any science behind it?!

P was born at 38+4 and I make no secret of the fact id love another 38 weeker, especially as this one is looking much bigger than p.

So humour me and lets see if theres a MD patter.

P.s. I know this has been done before but I cant use the search function from my tablet


  • Oh yes! Interested to know.... Harry was very late. I'd *love* a 40 weeker lol. So not the same Q as you, AR, but the answers might help me out ;)

  • #1 Born at 39wks. 6lbs 13oz

    #2 Born at 40+3 8lbs.

    That last week was hard going, as in my head I was overdue from 39wks. The good thing was that my labour was really quick, 70mins from first twinge to birth.

  • i dont count as no1 was induced at 39+2, no2 arrived at 40+2 and no 3 cooking away at 39+5

  • #1 was 40+11, god knows when this one will arrive - although feels like he's trying to punch his way out tonight! Laugh

  • My friend was 4 weeks early with no1. 4 days late with no 2

  • Haha, these are not the results I was hoping for! Haha! O was 39+0, so hoping for another of the same or slightly earlier! I hope we get our wishes AR! X

  • Thanks ladies. Not much in it so far then. Can't imagine being pregnant for nearly a month more than I was last time!!
  • #1 6 days early, #2 5 days late. I think I was too excited and stressed to go into labour much earlier with M though, we saw and bought a house the week she was due.

  • Not the answer you want AR - no 1 was 9 days early and no 2 was 1 day late. The last week and a half was very long!!!
  • This is BAD news for me. I was hoping for some 'late then early' anecdotes...  :)

  • My colleague had her first two (boys) around 38/39 weeks so finished work at 36 weeks for her third (girl) in preparation for another early arrival....she went nearly  the full 2 weeks over!

  • Thanks ladies. I'm not sure there is any science in it anyway counter but would have been nice to hear they get earlier!!
  • Noooo! I was so hoping they get earlier! A was born at 39+2 and this one is due the day after my birthday (although at the 9-week early scan they reckoned due a few days after my birthday) and I really want to have him/her before my birthday. I just don't want to spend it pregnant and fed-up!

    My mum had both my brother and me at pretty much bang on 38 weeks if that helps AR!

  • I'll let you know! Jude was 38w, I'm desperate for this one to come as soon as possible after 37w.
  • I will be followings every trick in the book from 37 weeks to evict him!! Who knows if they work but I did most of them a couple of days before p arrived so who knows!!
  • I break up on a Friday at almost 40 weeks and hope to walk non-stop until he/she arrives, or as much walking as I can possibly manage. I say walk, obviously I mean waddle...

  • I'm already waddling counter. Combination of giganta bump and dodgy hips!
  • I caught myself doing quite a waddle along the hallway last night. Mortified. But amusing to others, apparently  ;)

  • You think waiting another 4 weeks longer than last time is bad? I was over 9 weeks later! (Obv not that I'd have wanted another that early) I was hoping for a 37 weeker this time and thought as he was massive there was no way I'd go full term , was clearly wrong as I was induced at term!
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