If money was no object, what baby item(s) would you buy?

No point to this really. I haven't bought much at all for the twins yet but do enjoy window shopping. Give me stuff to lust after!  Anything goes! 



  • a nanny ROTFL

    in all seriousness, if all goes well with us we already have everything from previous times so i think we will just sign up to various baby  classes and possibly an early anomally scan or extra scans im not too sure.

    iv not been around for ages and i hadnt realised you were having one of each! huge congratulations! very exciting

  • www.boori.com/.../eton-cot-bed-in-mocha

    in antenatal clinic they have a tv that advertises all sorts, and this is on the advert, its a cot that turns into a day bed then a double bed and i love it.

    but the whole boori range is beautiful

  • A wetnurse! ;-) I loved my bedside crib even though baby didn't! Any clothes from JoJoMamanBebe. A stupidly expensive pushchair, no need really but there are some lovely ones! Lots of slings and morrcks! Fab news on the twins too, how lovely to be having one of each!

  • I honestly can't think of anything but just wanted to say I saw your news on sat and I'm so thrilled for you lovey!! That's going to be so amazing, you must be over the moon xx

  • Lots of different prams so I could treat them like shoes and vary day to day.

    A cleaner. And a chef

    A second car (h uses it mid week so I have to walk everywhere)

    Lots of scans throughout pregnancy as the novelty of seeing them on screen never wears off

    Lots of nice new clothes in various sizes for the few months after birth when you're waiting to go back to your pre baby size

  • Oh I second JT on a cleaner & chef and lots of nice 'mid size' clothes!!

  • I'm in support of the cleaner/chef suggestion.

    I would've loved a Stokke Xplory with all the bells and whistles....

    Also love the look of those American style cots for A's nursery...

  • Hmm, I would get a bugaboo bee in addition to the buffalo for going into London or zipping round the shops.  I'm sure the buffalo will be fine, but the bee is so much lighter!  I would also get absolutely every accessory known to man for them- even the snack tray that really doesn't seem like a good idea.

    I would probably also consider private care in pregnancy  and for the birth, not that I don't think I will get perfectly adequate care on the NHS, it's just that my sister described her hospital stay experience as being like a stay in a hotel compared to most people I know of in the UK hated their time in hospital.

    I might have gotten a fancy cot like this one: www.stokke.com/.../product-concept.aspx - I love that it starts as a little round bed you could have in your bedroom, then expands over time.  Also, it has wheels to go from room to room with you (though I suppose it works best if you have a bungalow, so maybe not...)!

    I feel like I've already bought some of the ridiculously priced things- mamaroo is case and point there.  

  • Ah bless you all for the One of Each congrats, we feel very blessed to say the least! Was lovely to see them again at the weekend. I’m always amazed at how much they have grown.

    I would definitely have a cleaner, I would love love love that!

    Also, all three buggies – the iCandy Peach 3 (blossom for twins), Bugaboo Donkey and a Baby Jogger City Mini Double!

    I would also love to get solid wood furniture from Kidsmill, however, for two of them it would be about £4k just on furniture!

    JT – We could really do with a second car too, I’d have an Audi A3 in cream with a black roof. Or a Mercedes A-class. Then as it is such an impractical colour, someone to clean it inside and out each week too.

  • Ducky I met a woman at a group when W was younger who had twins. They had a car but bought a transit van, put a row of seats in the back behind the normal seats so they could put the car seats there, and then had all the space in the back to just pick the double pram up and put it in without folding.

    It seemed a bit extreme but when I thought about it it makes a lot of sense- with just one baby if you're just nipping in and out of shops etc it's easy to get one baby in and out of the car and just carry them, but with twins you would always have to get the pushchair out and unfold it and put them in just to go to a shop as you would need a hand free to pay , carry stuff etc. so rather than constantly folding and unfolding a pram she could just pull it straight out of the van and put the babies in.

    Not as glamorous  as an A3 but maybe very practical!!

  • I don't know what we'd get, possibly not do anything differently. I haven't lusted after anything really. If money were no object I'd get the house sorted exactly how we want before the baby comes. Not quite for the baby I guess, but it would make us a bit happier!

  • Hahaha a transit van! That's amazing - very practical although my H is the worlds worst at parking... We could go the whole hog (as money is no object) and get one of these:

  • Yes that looks better. You could have a bed in it for naps!

  • If money was no object... hhmmmm, I find it hard to spend cash unnecessarily, always looking for a bargain. But, the baby would need a pony. And a big old-fashioned silver cross pram. And, yes, a nice new Audi. And an old VW camper. The baby would also need to come to Australia to meet some family. Yep, I could squander a few thou, lol!!

  • Ahhh one of each. That's going to be amazing! Congrats!

    If I had the cash I'd be buying more expensive clothes - jojos stuff, toby tiger, frugi. And I'd have a storksak changing bag.
  • Yesssss PW I was thinking storksak too, the elizabeth in tan to be precise!


    I'd buy loads of jojo stuff, all the cloth nappy prints that I love but don't need and connectas to match every outfit lol!

  • Oooh yes I'd buy all the cloth nappies that go for ridiculous prices. I have a Royal Flush TotsBots nappy that I won in an auction for the grand price of £1.80. They go on eBay for upwards of £50, it's insane money for something a baby is going to poo in! I'd buy a Pooper Hero nappy, and go mad on ruffle nappies for my girl, and get some custom-made ones too.

    I'd get good-quality 'expensive' clothes rather than just buying bundles on eBay and going into H&M. I'd love loads of Frugi stuff, since it's cut to accommodate the cloth bum.

    I'd get a Stokke Sleepi and a couple of TrippTrapps.

  • Definitely a nanny. Mrs judgeypants here was all against nannies before I had Henry. Now is a different story Laugh

  • I would have loved to have had a big old-fashioned silver cross pram for my little boy when he was a newborn, but apart from that I can't think of anything else that I would have wanted.

  • Oooh yes a lovely stork sak (or three)

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