If you threw up for majority of your 1st labour .....

Did you for 2nd/subsequent labours?

Is there anything I can do to minimize it??


  • I don't know but i'd be interested to find out.  This was the worst bit of my labour! Thankfully not all of it, but the last 6-8 hours! Not I gues that it matters as i'll have ELCS if there is a next time!

    I figure, E was back to back and stuck and it started when I went onto the induction/speed up drip without pain relief and the MW said it was a reaction to the pain (though hadn't stopped sie  weeks pregnant TBH) - so i'm thinking with a nicer labour would come less vomitting

  • Would also be interested to know this! I didn't have a 'bad' labour, but it was obviously still painful - aren't they all?! So I imagine if our bodies are throwing up in reaction to the pain (my MW said the same), we will next time too. It makes you so exhausted though doesn't it? I really needed energy for my mammoth pushing session but had nothing in me. If there is a next time I'm going to try glucose tablets and hope they help when all liquid is rejected!

  • Well, it made my H physically ill too haha so I had to send him out! Reading back through my notes I thought I was having pain relief injected but it was actually anti sickness.  I ended up with a c section and constantly being pumped with anti sickness meds in theatre too.  (They didn't help!). I was given anti sickness tabs too which obviously I bought back up!

  • I'm sorry ladies, but yes I threw up for a most of the second stage of both my labours.

    With the first I thought it was caused by the gas and air, but I didn't have any until the stage three of my second labour and still found myself unable to stop being sick once I hit the second stage.

    Hopefully somebody else will come along and say differently, as I'm quite sure this is not what you wanted to hear.

    N xx

  • nftfi

    I'm quite sure this is not what you wanted to hear.

    N xx

    No, is isnt!! Laugh

    But good to be prepared in advance i suppose Indifferent

  • Nfti it is good to know, though unfortunate! I did suspect as much as I was throwing up before trying g&a - though just the tube in my mouth made it worse so I ended up with nada. Not part of the plan!

    LM - I wasn't offered any jiffing any sickness stuff! Though it doesn't sound like it did anything anyhow! How awful still being sick during your CS, and your H too - what a disaster!

  • i was sick 3 or 4 times during my first labour but not at all with my second

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