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Hello ladies

Todsy I found out im being induced tomorrow at 4 due to pre eclampsia. 

Any chance you can tell me your induced stories so ive a rough idea of what will be happening.  We kind of got told that quickly that I didnt get chance to ask any questions. 

Tia xx


  • I was induced at 38 weeks due to obstetric cholestais. I arrived at the hospital and was given the first pessary at about 6pm on the Thursday, nothing really happened that night, second one given at 7am Friday morning, I was contracting throughout the day but only needed the tens machine and the ball, they then tailed off, so had a third pessary on the Friday evening. I was examined at about 2am on Saturday morning as I was groaning a lot! And found to be 1-2cm, this was progress as before my cervix was high and thick! Then by Saturday lunchtime I was dilated enough to go to the delivery suite, they broke my waters Saturday evening at about 5pm and Ben was born at 5.57am on Sunday. Hope that helps, take lots to keep you distracted as you may have a lot of waiting around, if you can walk around lots and fingers crossed you'll have a quick time of it x

  • Haven't got any advice but just want to wish you lots of luck, look forward to your BA.

  • No knowledge here but hope it goes well and quickly.

  • No advice Boris but good luck xxx

  • Here's my birth story from when I had O -

    There can be a lot of waiting around so make sure you have books, magazines and snacks to keep you occupied. Keep an open mind to and that you'll be meeting LO soon (that helped me keep going). I hope it all goes well for you xx

  • When I was induced I was overdue and waters had gone 48hrs previously. When I was examined on arrival at hospital I was 3cm so straight on to drip. Was put on drip about 3:45pm, M was born at 22:33

    My sis was induced when overdue, got pessary about 6pm, I spoke to her on phone about 10:30pm she complained nothing was happening, midnight she had paracetamol and bath, examined at 4am was 7cm so they called her H, baby was born at 7:15am.

    I think it can be quicker if you are overdue because baby is ready for coming? So prepare yourself for a long process and hopefully it won't take long at all xx

  • When I was induced I was 12 days late, I was asked to go to the hospital for 4 and I wasn't seen until $out half 5. I was monitored to check babies heartrate and my contractions (i'd been contracting on and off for going on 4 days by then) I got the 1st pessary at half 6 and by half 7 was contracting regularly. They said when they were explaining the process to me that they would tend to leave you for 6 hours and check you then repeat the process again if nothing happens, and again after another 6 hours. They would then break your waters, and if that doesn't work, they would admit you for a section.

    Wishing you all the best for your induction, and I hope your labour is quick and your holding your new baby soon!! Xxxx

  • Thanks for sharing your stories really appreciate them.i too hope im not on a long wait. X

  • I was induced a week early due to consultant policy for IVF babies.

    I was given the pessary at 4.30pm on the Wednesday, my waters broke at 10am on Thursday and had A at 9.36am on Friday.  I was told that my cervix was high and back when they put the pessary in and not to expect anything to happen, so I think I was reasonably quick for an early induction.  I have my birth story that I can post for you if you like (I can't link to it as I can't get past the first page of search results!)

  • No advice but just want to wish you the best of luck! Hope it goes quickly for you xx

  • Smashedcrab id love to read ur birth story thanks. Im not looking forward to it taking days surely that leaves u with no energy for pushing. X

  • I was 16 days over. I had a pessary around 11am and after the mandatory lay-still period they made me walk, constantly. Though they were sweet about it I got nagged if I was found sitting down. Had another around 3 or 4pm. At 6.30 I got sickness and diarrhoea and labour pains. 10.30pm labour officially started, and half past midnight he was born. The labour was a walk in the park (compared to the pregnancy). Good luck. Take lots to distract you and I'm sure you'll be fine :)

  • I've managed to find the link to my birth story (from Google!!)

    Here it is Boris

  • Mine happened quite quickly but they think I was naturally in the very early stages anyway - This is my story.

    Looking forward to your BA!

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