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Hi Ladies,


First post as only just found this forum.

I am being induced tomorrow (38+2) and I am just going through my hospital bag to make sure I have everything.  My question is: is there anything extra that I need to pack?  As I am starting to panic that I have not got everything or enough.

At present I have:

For Me

Pyjamas - Three pairs,

Maternity Pads,

Nursing Bra,

Breast Pads,




Normal medications that I take,

Huddie/jumper to keep warm at night

Flip fops (Finding slippers are too hot to wear)

Comfortable clothes for me to go home in

Maternity Notes

Food and drink

For Baby

Clothes for Baby (vests and sleep suits)

Nappies and changing bits for baby

Channing bag for baby with creams, wipes and cotton wool,

Scratch mits



(Plan to breast feed so don't need milk,)

Is there anything that I have missed or would be really useful that I have missed??

Many thanks.


  • Lots of maternity pads, big knickers in dark colours. Food and drinks for you and partner as induction can be a long long time!!!!

  • Nipple cream if you are planning to feed,  we were told to bring a cellular blanket for baby,  phone charger....

  • A handheld fan as hospitals can be really hot and useful in labour

  • Thanks ladies, I knew there were obvious things that I would need that I had forgotten.

    Camera - packed

    Cellular blanket - packed

    Nipple cream and fan - Will go and buy tonight

  • Clean top/pants for H in case induction takes a while

  • Lip balm (never been in labour but needed it in hospital!)

  • dry shampoo! OBEM midwife suggested it last week as usually there's no time for wash and blow dry. not an essential piece to pack but could be useful!

  • Another vote for the lip balm - g&a really dried my lips out.

  • cardigan or jumper for your baby

    definitely food & drink - I got through about 5 bottles of still lemon & lime lucozade in a sports cap bottle so my hubby then I had a big bar of chocolate whilst breast feeding my new born!

  • Definitely something to drink and eat. I took oat based snacks for energy and flavoured coconut water which is supposed to be really hydrating. I took cartons in straws which I was glad of because you might end up in some weird positions in labour that cup/normal bottle drinking is not conducive to!

    I also took one of those cooling facial spray mist things which was quite nice.


  • And good luck for your induction, hope it all goes well! X

  • I'd possibly take a nightie as well as pjs if you have one - I had to have a spinal as I had a retained placenta so needed a catheter, if I'd only had pyjamas that would have been less comfy than a nightie. I think with an induction you're more likely to wind up with an epidural so I'm guessing you'd be catheterised if you had one. Good luck tomorrow!

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