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Hi guys...might have to be induced on Thursday if baby makes no appearence before. I am always very open minded about labour in general so just looking for your stories the good and bad x TIA x


  • Leading up to the induction was bad, and upsetting, so I'll start from when I arrived at a different hospital and they were wonderful.

    15 days over. Sweep in the evening.

    16 days over. 9am ish, first pessary, lay still for 2 hours, then walking, walking, walking, walking, walking. They almost literally didn't let me stop or sit down. 2pm second pessary, still for 2 hours. Walking, walking, walking, walking...

    6.30pm. Simultaneous sickness and diarrhoea (one of those 'which end should I cater to' moments!!). Taken to labour suite as a result. Started slowly. Had a bath, gas and air, another bath. In active labour. They thought I'd be ages yet gave me pethidine about 11.30pm. Harry was born 12.30am, but was very dazed, awful colour and not breathing properly due to the pethidine, they took him off for 10-15 minutes and he was fine.

    The labour was straightforward, quick for a first timer, no assistance (forceps/ventouse etc). I was pretty happy anyway! :)

  • First gel given at 5pm, walked and walked. 2nd gel at midnight, walked all night. Waters broken at 10am next morning, taken for EMCS at 11am due to fetal distress. Have a friend who has had 2 fab inductions first baby 5 hours first gel. 2nd baby 2 hours after first gel.

  • I was induced at 40+12.

    I went into hospital at 5pm. Hooked up to trace and found to be contracting already even though they weren't painful. Sent on 2 mammoth walks around the hospital grounds to try and get things moving on their own. It was a hot day even at that time and I was coming down with a cold so feeling dreadful.

    Monitored again about 8pm and by then the midwives had changed over and this midwife decided that I was too comfortable to be a woman in labour so decided th contractions were braxton hicks and got the go ahead from the Dr to give me the gel Gel went in around 9pm and H sent home.

    I started to get a lot of back ache so had a shower around 10pm, the midwife helped me put on my tens and gave me some paracetamol to help with my cold s well as the pain in my back and I settled down to sleep.

    Woke around 3am, contractions were mild but enough to keep me awake. I just breathed through them until around 6 when they eased off again, Had some toast and the midwife brought me some hot lemon as by now my cold was awful (it was developing into  chest infection). I was examined about 9am and they could reach my waters so it was decided I didn't need any more gel. I had to wait for a bed to be available in delivery though before they would break my waters.

    Moved to labour ward about 11.30 and had my waters broken about 12. (I was about 4cm by then) Had to be monitored for about 40 mins to check baby was happy then sent for a walk to get contractions going. I had 2 hours for things to move themselves before I would be put on the drip.

    Breaking my waters was like pulling the plug-literally! As soon as I was off the bed and walking around, things moved fast. Contractions kicked in straight away at lasting 45 seconds with a minute break, no build up to that at all. Quite quickly they were one on top of the other so H and my mum managed to manoeuvre me back to my room where I promptly asked for drugs!  I got up on the bed, grabbed the gas and air and immediately felt in control again. I was very quiet and managed to focus on the job at hand.

    By about 3-3.30 (ish) I was fully dilated and ready to push (it took around 3 hours to fully dilate. I started to push, and push and push. Nothing was happening, i could feel it wasn't and I knew things weren't heading in the right direction. I pushed for around an hour and a half. The midwives were getting twitchy, buttons were being pressed and loads of people were in the room. They took blood from his head and attached a clip to him to keep an eye on him. It was decided that he was getting distressed and he had not even begun to descend into the birth canal. I was taken to theatre where they attempted to get him out with vontouse and forceps, which both failed. I eventually had a CS and he was dragged out weighing 10lb 9.5 oz!

    Although it didn't exactly go to plan, it was not due to the induction. My induction was a really positive experience overall. I'm pretty sure it was his size and position (back to back) which led to the complications at the end.

    Sorry its so long!

  • My birth story, where my waters broke but nothing happened so I was induced:

  • Thank you ladies . X
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