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We're intending to move Isobelle into the spare bedroom over the summer so she's settled before the baby arrives in Oct. Also then I'll be off work if she finds the change hard as we live in a townhouse & she'll be on a lower floor to us. My mum has offered to make bedding & curtains (which she did for the nursery) but want to give her long enough to start on as I think she's still working on things for my 2 nieces. Obviously I want something to last for quite a few years so don't want anything too babyish (my mum saw some lovely hungry caterpillar stuff but I think that'll be too young). She's really into Peppa but I refuse to go down that route! She also loves the Gruffalo but don't know at what age she might grow out of it. So with no real idea of where to start can anyone share what their 2-6 olds rooms are like.

Thanks ladies


  • Not sure if you've seen the room we did for p on fb but there are some photos. We didn't go for a theme as such, just a mic of bright colours that I think work for her now and over the next couple of years. We've kept the walls cornflower blue and used lots of pink blossom wall stickers, 3 main sets. A tree, a branch losing blossom and another branch with a monkey in. Multi coloured curtains and rug that pick out the blue and pink and then a mixture of accessories/picture that we've picked u
  • I was intending to go & look at your fb photos as I know you've already moved Poppy. I'm not sure to go for a theme or just a general colour theme. I like the idea of wall stickers too. At the minute her cooking stuff (she's obsessed with food so has a mini cooker & table & chair & lots of play food) is in the spare room so that will become part of her room so not sure if a tree will work but love that idea. Might have something a little educational too with letters or numbers up (can't completely get rid of the teacher in me!)

  • Weve got some bookshelves in there that id planned on putting books snd some toys on but at the moment if there is anything in there she plays with it instead of napping. But as she gets older we'll put some bits in there for her to have to herself.  Agree with the educational stuff (teachers!!) But weve got those things in the playroom luckily.

    you can get wall stickers in pretty much any colour or design. There are hundreds on amazon.

  • What about using wall stickers to create items on a book shelf? You could then replace them with real objects as she gets older? That way you could put things on the shelf she likes now (cooking things for example) but its not overly themed.

    That's my twopenneth for a Sunday evening!

  • To be honest she's got quite a lot of books that'll go with her so we probably don't need stickers for that, but I definietely like the idea of using wall stickers.

    Unfortunately we have quite a small downstairs so don't have a playroom. Although the spare room has been doubling as that. But all our bedrooms are fairly big double rooms so it'll all fit just trying to get a grasp on how it might look. Thanks ladies x

  • We got some butterfly wall stickers and some curtains and a duvet set. She's 8 now and still happy with it -although a 1D poster has gone up!!!!

  • E (4) has owl's on her curtains and bedding, and we've recently added some plain pink butterflies to her walls which are quite nice and should last for a few years.

    I have stuck to lampshades and rugs with characters on them as they are easy to change and can also be moved into her little sisters room when she grows out of them.

    Like you, I didn't want to be changing it every time she grows out of something.

  • I'd personally use Pinterest as a starting point, we've used it for inspiration for O's room in our new house.....there are some lovely girls rooms over there too.

  • Another vote for Pinterest as a starting point.

  • The children's range in next do the bedding in toddler size and then single size too so could last through a few years if you find one you like. I think there's a woodlandy one andone with cats of yoi weren't after something too girly!  

  • Thanks ladies,

    I'm a bit clueless when it comes to most things (eg I don't have a smart phone & know nothing of apps) but will have a look into pininterest on Wed when I'm off work. I'm guessing that even I can get my head round it! I love the idea of butterflies but H is now saying he wants something with animals!! We'll see...!

  • We kept C's fairly simple with pink walls, gingham curtains and quite plain bedding with little cupcakes and matching cushions from jo jo. We've then added to it with a name banner, photos etc. and she currently has a Peppa pig mat. All quite changeable, but work with the colours. She also has a variety of fleecy blankets that we put over her duvet to change the theme as she feels, i.e, Ben and Holly and currently bright pink Hello Kitty. It's a cheaper way of changing things without buying new bedding.

  • I would go for colours rather than a theme. Easily adapted as she grows in and out of phases

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