Introducing Myself

I've joined up hoping to wean myself off Hitched. At the moment I've belong here but I'm very early days, so if all doesn't go to plan you might catch me on Trying To Conceive. Tongue Tied Fingers crossed though. 

I married my husband end of August and decided to start trying immediately. I'm 35 with a history of ovarian cancer and obgyn problems on my Mum's side. Had a bash on honeymoon but we knew we hadn't hit the right window. The next month we were more organised and I used a mooncup (I heard rumours that they were excellent for this particular non-advertised use) and hey presto.

Monday/Tuesday I should've blobbed and didn't. My periods aren't very regular and the month before the wedding I went a month late for no reason. That said I would usually spot for a few days before a period (a symptom of ovarian cancer that I'm waiting to have investigated by the hospital) but still I didn't have anything like that. Thursday I went to do my usual workout at the gym and went I hit the running machine, it felt like someone had injected my boobs with a litre of saline. Ouchy!

Friday night was a big 40th party for my work mate (and I'm a big drinker normally) so on the way home, after an early shower at the gym, I picked up a Sainsbury's value test. I took it at 5.30 Friday morning (can't sleep - too hot and too curious) and got a clear positive. Bounce

Seeing the Doctor Monday morning. Was cramping a lot last night but I've been led to believe that' normal. No blood though but my goodness it felt like PMT. Tense but exciting times. I hope I get to stay around.


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