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Wave Hi all! I'm breaking all my own rules by posting this but sod it.

Some of you will know me from hitched, I'm more commonly known as Nuts, I'm 26 and got married in March to my H who is 32. We are in the process of moving house which we hope to be in our new place within the next 4-6wks.

With regards to TTC, we are both pretty broody and have wanted to start a family for a while now but had to get past the wedding and house move first. We are still discussing between us whether we will start TTC straight after moving or leave it a few months but I am on the pill and have been for something like 10yrs now so I'm not sure of how soon before TTC I need to stop taking that, and also what effect will that have on my body (with the exception of the contraceptive side of things).

Any advice/experience about how coming off the pill?



  • Welcome to BT

    I think it depends on which pill, it might tell you in the packet how long it takes to come out your system. Plus everyone is different. If it helps my friend came off the pill in April and just found out she is pregnant x

  • Hello and welcome!!

  • No advice re the pill but I LIKE this post Big Smile

  • Haha hi HT!

    LR I'm on the microgynon pill, no idea what type that is!!

  • No advice about the Pill, But hello Wave

  • Hi Nutty one, nice to see you in these parts!

  • Arghhhh!!! Lovely to see you over here Nuts!! :D

  • Hey Nuts!!  I'm Gillsy on H.  

    I came off the Pill in September last year after 16 years on it.  I'm lucky as my first cycle was only 39 days long but I know other ladies have had issues with long and irregular cycles after Birth Control.  My advice, and its something I wish I'd done, is to come off the Pill up to 6 months before you plan to start ttc and use other protection.  During that time you can track your cycles so you can get an idea of length and how regular they are.  There are lots of phone apps that can help with this.  It means that when you do come to ttc that you will hopefully have given your body a chance to settle plus understand your cycles a bit better post BC.

    There is a separate board for TTC and there is usually a daily/weekly thread so feel free to get involved over there any time you like.

    Best of luck xx

  • Hello and welcome! Everyone is different but I came off the pill at the end of march after being on it for 12 years and my cycles settled back into 30 days after about 7 weeks. I found out I was pregnant in the middle of July so just 3 cycles off! Just to give you the balance that it can go either way good luck with the move and hope your tic journey is smooth xxx

  • Hey, welcome!

    I was on the pill for 3.5 years. I've had problems with the effects of the pill in the past, in the early days (I was 19) it induced depression... Some folk I was aware of (colleagues or friends of friends) seemed to get pregnant immediately after stopping the pill, but then sadly had a miscarriage.

    I decided I wanted to give my body best chance, at 36, so came off the pill in January this year, 6 months before our wedding in early July. We used condoms (much as I loathe them) in the interim. I wanted my body to reach its own balance, I exercised, reduced the booze (a bit) and took better care of myself.

    We got pregnant my first cycle, which absolutely blew my mind as I had assumed 6-12 months 'at our age' lol. It's still early days so just hoping things continue to be fine.

    Good luck! Make sure you get lots of 'practice' before your TTC time arrives ;)

  • Wave Hello Nuts!

    You can get pregnant quickly after coming off the pill but it can take a while for everything to get back to normal & settle into your normal cycles. I believe they say 1 month for every year you've been on it. For me that certainly rang true both times I was on the pill (both combined and progesterone only).

    Looking forward to seeing you on the TTC boards - I might not be around much in the next couple of weeks - got something on this week but can't remember what... [see below] Ick!Big Smile

  • Hi and welcome! I was on that pill for years, it took about 1.5 years ttc no2 but only about 3 months for no3!! I felt great when I stopped it and I never went back on it after this baby! I think most people get heavier and sometimes more painful periods but not sure of anything else.

  • oh yes I had a few longer cycles at first so be prepared for that.

  • *libby*

    oh yes I had a few longer cycles at first so be prepared for that.


    First time on the pill I was on it for over 10 years - first cycle after coming off was 56 days long - I saw my GP at about 50 days & he didn't care & told me to come back in about a year if I'd seen nothing!

  • Really? I hadn't realised they were often longer. My cycle was 28 days from coming off the pill, but I've always had a strong natural cycle. I was on a pill as a teenager to assist with my periods and it was a 30 day cycle, so I used to get a mini-period and a main period. Very strange.

  • Hi Nutella, welcome to MD! I remember you from hitched - my BM had your wedding shoes in pink :) look forward to seeing you on the TTC board!

  • Welcome (back) to MD! :o)

  • Hey hey! *waves enthusiastically*


    And what what rules are you breaking?!

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