Is it head or ears for car seat?

Can someone remind if they have out grown their car seat when their head or ears are over the top of the car seat Please?

just noticed L's ears are half way over the top of his Britax First class. Was hoping to keep him in it until his birthday but not looking likely! 


  • Not sure but I'd move him. What weight is he

  • He's about 16-17kg. He uses the next stage in Scott's car once a week but think ill need to nab it. It's the last "baby" thing for him really :-(

  • Am sure it's ears for ff seats. How are the straps on him?  We had to move A out that seat at 2 and a half cos the straps were at the highest notch and still too low

  • I'm struggling to get him in and out, and that's without a coat on. He complains it hurts his arms getting into the straps.

    Yeah I think I have to admit defeat and move him.

    I now have 6 car seats and only one he bloody fits in!

  • I think it's partly if straps are below shoulders. Little S is only 5 months and nearly too big for his baby seat!
  • Rear facing is top of head, forward facing top of ears.  If you think about it logically in a rear facing seat their head is going to be pushed into the seat in an impact, if some of their head was over the top that's going to be pretty painful.  That's how I've remembered it anyway.  

  • Oh yes, and as WH says straps shouldn't be below shoulders.

  • I'll check tomorrow but I'm pretty sure they must be below his shoulders. He's a big 3 yrs 7 months so looks like its time to move up!

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