Is it worth getting isofix for the second stage car seat?

As the title really, is it worth paying the extra for isofix?

i loved isofix with the first stage car seat and still carry him out in that seat and attach it to the pram. But for the next stage the seat will stay in the car so is it still worth getting isofix or is there no real difference with that and belted?

theres q a diff in price it seems which I don't mind if it's worth it!  




  • We had a family fix with our base for the maxi cosi pebble as our car then didnt have isofix so used the belt to put it in. By the time we had got the next sest we had a new car and had isofix so we got an isofix seat. I just thought if the technology/safety feature is there then why now use it. And although the seats sre more expensive they do last a long time so seemed more reasonable to me. Currently debating swapping the non isofix bsse for the pebble for the isofix 2 way isofix one so we can get the 2 way pearl acterwards.

  • I thought Isofix was more of a safety feature than convenience - though the latter is nice to have! I have the family fix base, it is anchored so securely in position the stage 2 seat never budges. I was always worried that the seats you belted in still moved no matter how tight you pulled it.

  • I was told that isofix was just a convenience thing and doesn't actually make the seat safer. Obviously it does take away the risk of not fitting the seat properly.  We don't have isofix seats as they rarely come out the car so didn't see the point

  • Isofix is a convenience.  Seats fitted correctly with the seatbelt are of the same safety standard than one fitted with isofix.  The issue is whether you are confident you can fit the seat properly everytime.  

    My personal preference is that i would go for isofix for the HBB stage if possible, as then there is something holding it in to the car and I wouldn't have to keep remembering to strap it back in when Zoe has got out, but I wasn't bothered about having it for the previous.  It will also depend how often you are puttig it in and out though as if I was swapping it between cars frequently then i would be inclined to go for isofix.  

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