Is there a copy of the live web chat?

I missed the live web chat yesterday but was hoping to see what the responses were given. I imagine that it would be an invaluable resource to have the transcript pinned somewhere on this site if it's not already, Is there a copy of it on the site & I just can't see it (very likely!!)



  • Hi Blackkat - the live web chat is today at 12 noon, if you'd like to join us?  I will convert the answers into a blog piece afterwards and add a link from the Baby Sleep section, so that there's a permanent record for members to access.

  • Oh, I was wondering that too, as I'll be out today so will miss it.  Good to know there will be a copy of it.

  • Oh, that's good, I thought I'd missed it (thought it was the same day as the wave of light). Will try to come on if I can. How long will it last for as, ironically, I'll probably only be on if my daughter is sleeping!!

  • Jenny Ward, from The Lullaby Trust, will be with us for an hour.

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