Is this a sign

.....E is ready for potty training. Was just changing her nappy and she got up, ran off and poo'd in the middle of the living room!


  • I'm sorry I really shouldn't but I couldn't help it, I laughed! I hope you managed to clean it up ok without any further mishaps :)

  • Oh MamaD honestly, not sure I'm cut out for this, I can't even imagine dealing with that!

    How are the girls?x

  • Missdeedee, be afraid be very afraid!!!!! In all seriousness I have actually said those exact words today! E has decided she doesn't want to sleep at night, A doesnt seem to able too eat anything and I'm exhausted! I always thought I'd be one of those natural mums who loved everything about parenting but at the moment it feels like every day is a new battle! How are you and your little man getting on? x

  • Haha I feel your pain, A ran off and pooed on the stairs today. Luckily (TMI) it was very solid and I could just pick it up!

    You know what's really awful... he must have weed somewhere too when I wasn't looking because I noticed a drop of wee on the tip of his willy, but couldn't find a wet patch anywhere?! WTF? We have carpet so it must have soaked in somewhere but I have no idea where!!

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