Is this normal for a 2 year old or am I expecting too much?

He just doesn't seem to have the attention span or interest in doing activities such as play-doh, colouring, etc. I'm not sure if I'm expecting too much as he's still quite little but whenever we sit down to do some of these activities he literally does it for a couple of minutes and then wanders off to do something else. When we're at toddler groups, he's rarely bothered by the craft table whereas others are sitting there nicely sticking, colouring, etc. Admittedly some of them are quite a bit older. I'm not expecting him to sit for hours doing these things but I suppose I'm worried that he's got some kind of attention problem or something! 

Does this sound similar to your 2 year old or should I be concerned? 


  • Never mind my 2 yr old, that sounds like my 10 yr old...

    From my experience, it's perfectly normal. Especially if it is an activity they haven't chosen. J sits for longer, if we are doing an activity of his choice.

  • I think it depends on the child and their interests. W loves any craft stuff, but my friends little boy has no interest whatsoever. Won't even pick the crayon up. He absolutely loves cars, garages, tracks etc, but W has no interest in that . Even at 2 they know their own minds

  • O has no interest in sitting still, unless like AK says it's something he choose to do himself.

  • Thanks all. F just loves pottering about playing with his cars and trains. He'll sit still for a while watching Thomas, Topsy and Tim or Peppa but that's it. Even when he goes to the cupboard and gets his craft stuff out it doesn't last long. I did wonder if it was a boy thing!

  • Totally normal in my experience, still is to a certain extent and she is 5 now

  • E isn't quite 2 yet but is totally like this. I took her to a gymnastics class this week and she was the youngest there and whilst all the other children were quite happily doing the set activities all E wanted to do was run around like a wild thing!

  • Thank you, this is all reassuring. I do sometimes feel like F is the only child not sitting down singing with everyone else for instance. Also, it's hard not to compare them when friends post things on Facebook about all the things their LO is doing.

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