Is your partner a good parent?

Mine is, some of the posts I read on here make me realise just how lucky we are.

He works mon-fri but will get the kids ready in the morning and put them to bed at night. He has no problem taking them to any classes inc toddlers and parent participation ones (ballet, ,tumble tots etc) He will take them both out on his own and go without prompting. 

When the children were babies he'd be the one up in the night the majority of the time bringing Phoebe to me if she needed fed etc. 

Oh and he cooks and does his share of housework too. 

I love the relationship the children have with their dad :-)



  • My husband is an amazing parents. He does most the housework, gets up with our LG and done most of the night time feeds from 0-6 months

  • Yes and i feel very lucky. He's very natural and easy with her, he knows what she needs and when. He's happy to entertain her for hours, take her out and to classes etc. Gets up in night as needed when she was small etc. I couldn't have asked for a better father for my children. He also does 90% of the cooking which is lovely. He's not great at coordinating outfits but i'll let him off that one!

    P is a completely and utterly a Daddy's girl!

  • My H is brilliant. He loves to be involved and wants to do so much with D but she sadly won't let him (mummy's girl).  He would love to be more involved with the girls but because he works full time and all our parent toddler things are weekdays. He has really stepped up this week too as I'm pretty useless atm. He sat up alot of the night with J as she didn't want to sleep.

    He does alot of cooking and is pretty good with a hoover too x

  • Yes, absolutely, he has been since C was a baby.  He'll get C up in the morning and get him dressed and breakfast a lot of the time, leave me to have a lie in on a Sunday morning too, get up with him in the night most of the time (I usually sleep through C coming in to us, but in my defence C does usually go straight to MrDD's side of the bed - maybe he's just learnt he doesn't get any response from me Laugh), does more than his share of bath and bedtimes (I'm out at least two evenings a week, to his one).  He doesn't work Monday's so looks after C all day and has done from when C was 11 months and I went back to work and will have dinner ready for when I get home, and we'll share the cooking if we're both in (I do it most other nights we're both at work).  He'll wash up most evenings too (I usually cook and he'll wash the pots), does loads around the house and garden.  Couldn't ask for anyone better really, although doesn't stop me complaining at the silly things that annoy me Embarrassed

    C tends to favour him sometimes which does make me a bit sad, but great they have such a fab relationship.

  • My H is great too. He can be away for large chunks of the year with work but makes up for it when he comes home. He's better at housework and cooking than I am, has no problem taking and participating in groups and classes with the girls . He can lose his patience quite easily at times and also isn't very good at picking out clothes but I think generally that's a man thing?! Both girls are definitely daddy's girls.

    I forget sometimes how lucky I am.

  • My H is great with them when he's here. He works 15 hours most days though so isn't here to cook or do housework but when he is here he takes his turn. Mine were breast fed but he still did all the nappy changes and lifted them from the crib on his side to me in the bed.

    He calls to talk to the children every day when he's at work and asks about their day. A is a total daddy's girl and always looks for him when she's upset.

  • My husband is a really fantastic step-parent to my son. Which I think must be hard, Harry was 15 when they met.

    I am somewhat apprehensive about new babies and starting over and would only do so if I believed with all my heart that my husband would be a team player and do his very best. The thing I am most excited about our baby's arrival is seeing him be a daddy.

  • Yes, he gets him up, ready and takes him to nursery on the days I work. We share bedtimes, although he isn't always in from work. Is very capable of looking after him ad getting his things reach for a day out, less so when he was a baby but I think he'll be ok second time round. I bf A so he could only really get involved in the odd expressed feed, he did do the lion's share of the nappy changes.

    He scores nil points for his ability to chose suitable clothes that go together. I dread to think what baby girl will end up wearing.

    He does some things differently to me, but not necessarily wrong, just different.

    I have no doubt he'll be a better parent than me when it comes to teenagers, and he thinks and plans for their future in a very selfless way, more than I do for sure.

    I don't really see it as me being lucky though, to me he just meets my expectations. Of course you never know how someone will be as a parent until try actually are but one of the key reasons I married him and had his children is because I believed he'd be a good father.

  • He's better with J than he is his other kids (I blame their Mother. She has made parenting them very difficult), but he is a rubbish step dad to C.

    He works away mon - fri, so is basically a part time Dad to all the kids. He will play for a bit, but soon gets bored. He doesn't have as much patience/tolerance as I do.

    He is good at meal times, cooking for the kids, and bathtime etc though.

  • BG makes a good point. When i say lucky i mean lucky that i found him really more than 'phew, that's lucky he turned out to be a good dad'. One of the reasons i married him was that i knew he'd be a good father.

  • My H is amazing. he mucks in with everything, very keen to do breakfast and bedtime with them, chats on the phone to the eldest when he's a work, shows geniune excitement at his silly stories from the day, good at reading the signs that I need him to take them all off for an hour or so! He split the night feed 50:50 with our twins, in fact he managed all 3 of them on his own when they were 2.5yr and 6weeks when I was rushed to hospital for a week. more than managed, he was amazing.

    I agree BG his ability to pick clothes is somewhat worrying - but at least he does put clothes on which are reasonably appropriate for the weather!!

    I do feel lucky that I found someone who I feel in genuine partnership with. we are a team, each with different roles but together we make our family work. I love him and our little (not so little anymore!) family very much.

  • Emm, no. He walked out when F was 2 months old and doesn't know him at all. When he comes to visit F ends up screaming hysterically.  Even before he left he rarely fed or changed him, I thought he was just struggling to bond and it would get better...

  • My H is amazing. He is a natural. He is so calm and patient, funny, protective, warm and silly all at the same time. I knew he'd be fab as a Dad - one of reason I married him.

    He does the lion's share of domestic duties during the week, does all pick ups and drop offs and does dinner and bath time single handedly three nights a week. Nothing phases him. We are a team (albeit an unconventional team in terms of gender roles sometimes) and I would be utterly lost without him bringing these girls up.

  • Yes he's great, he will play with them all day, gets up during night, dies his fair share if Isaac restraining,

    He used to take them to music class

    Swimming is his thing with both boys as he works and can't get to playgroups

    He would dress them every day in football kits though and seems to get by on the seat if his pants housework wise and making meals etc but if something were to happen to me then I know he's more than capable with them....I just can't get all het up about the fashion sense and non housework

  • Not really lol...

  • Ha! H has just informed me that A has been up 3 out of the last 5 nights and I've slept straight through it. Maybe he's even better than I gave him credit for (or is telling a white lie in order to earn some brownie points?)

    JRJ Hug

  • Perhaps I should elaborate. He's not bad, but he does the bare minimum. He doesn't do nappies, doesn't do meals unless I lay everything out, won't play with him unless I actively encourage... I just think he thinks its all my job.

  • Honestly? No. I do all the running around after the kids, changing, feeding, bathing, etc while he sits on his backside. I feel like I'm giving him chore by asking him to feed A at night while I cook tea. If he didn't then we wouldn't eat until 9pm! If he goes out for an hour to cricket or a friends, he will only take J. He will not take them both. If I do the food shop he will insist both kids come with me. He expects the house to be tidy on Wednesday (my only day off work) and moans if its not. I have to constantly ask/tell him to do things and if he doesn't feel like it, then he comes up with an excuse or moans about it.

    It very rare I get a lie in or 'me time' and I feel like he has a lot more freedom than I do. He is always agreeing to things and then asking if my mum or his mum can have the kids for a bit. If I'm at work on a weekend (one of the very few times), he will have to have the kids all day and he will be at his parents within an hour of me leaving. I will come home and his first words will be 'they're yours, i'm done'.

    So, to sum up, no. I think he has an easy life and if he was any more laid back, he'd be horizontal!

  • Yes he is.  He's been ill lately which has made him impatient with them.  But he is still a great dad, he works hard despite his illness to provide for us and he would do anything for them and you can see from looking how much he loves them and they love him. He's not perfect, but he's a good daddy.

  • My OH is a fab step-parent to B. Sometimes I could cry with how much he loves him, as though he is his own. I can leave them together anytime and know that they will have a great time, he takes him to the park, happy to take him to swimming lessons, cooks him his favourite meals and helps with his homework better than me.

    I am very lucky as B's daddy (my ex-H) is also an amazing daddy! B is very spoilt and very loved.

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