It's gonna be a long night - my daughter has discovered how to open doors!

My 2 year old discovered she could open doors at the weekend. It hasn't been a problem until tonight when she just keeps getting out of bed & opening the door & coming downstairs. We've put her back to bed on numerous occasions.

It's gonna be a long night! Wish me luck! x


  • Oh no! Hope she's asleep now. We have a stair gate at the top of our stairs in case M gets up during the night. Is that an option? She's almost 4 now and has never attempted to climb it.

    Hope the novelty wears off soon x

  • Hope she tired quickly!

  • It must've been something in the air last night because F was unsettled too. At one point he got out of bed, reached up to his box of tissues on the cabinet and emptied the whole box in his bed! He eventually settled just after midnight. Hope you weren't too late to bed!

  • THanks ladies,

    We're considering getting stair gates (haven't needed them so far). I have to admit I ended up taking her into bed with me at midnight as I suspected none of us were going to get any sleep otherwise. She took about 45 mins to settle as she likes to sleep on top of me & was wriggling so much. Still at least she finally slept, but then was wide awake by 7.30! Fingers crossed we have a better night tonight, you too WG

  • Oh no! E keeps trying and pulling at the door handles but she isn't quite big enough or strong enough to have actually opened it - yet! I'm dreading the day she does! Hope you had a better night and that the novelty will have worn off a bit! x

  • B is 15 months and can almost open doors already, fortunately he's still in his cot and will have to Be until he tries to climb out or none of us will be getting any sleep!

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