Itchy nipple- thrush?

I woke up in the night with a really itchy nipple! It itched a couple of times whilst breastfeeding but i have been expressing for the last 4 weeks. Can you still get thrush if expressing and bottle feeding?
E seems fine and is feeding well so don't think there is anything effecting her.


  • No idea I'm afraid, but I think we have it. Both midwife and hv have said so, I'm just waiting for dr to phone me to confirm. Hope you get it sorted Mrs Bass x

  • I'm trying not to google it but it says cracked nipples is a sign which i do have! Will see how it is over the weekend. I seem to get my medical queries on a Friday when i cant see a dr for a few days!! Doh!!

    in going to go to the baby clinic on wed to get E weighed so I'll chat to the HV about it then!
  • When I had thrush it wasn't itchy at all but very very painful. Shooting pains in boobs and agony to feed. If you suspect it at all get checked and get antibiotics before it starts to hurt!
  • Thanks AR, It could just be a random itch or it healing! Hasn't been as itchy since.
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