Jacuzzis, hot baths, thermal spas and footbaths. Can someone explain??

OK, so I understand that the first 3 are a no no in pregnancy due to the risk of raising my body temp too much. I do have hot baths but not for long, and have avoided Jacuzzis and spas.

On Weds hubby and I are off to Iceland. Part of the trip includes a visit to the Blue Lagoon thermal spa. I have accepted I can't go in and swim or lounge about, so had planned to take a book and sit by the side dangling my feet in, or having a paddle.

Then I remembered we're not supposed to use footbaths, and paddling in a thermal pool is basically the same. Can someone explain the problem? I thought about the temp thing, but then advice says hot water bottles are fine since they are too small to raise core body temp too much. I am utterly confused, don't want to miss out through being paranoid, but also want to keep babybean safe.



  • The problem is that they stay consistently hot - where as baths, water bottles, etc, cool down.

    Having said that - the Blue Lagoon really isn't that hot at all in my opinion and I think you would be fine in it....

    Its like a luke warm bath, if that! There are areas that are warmer than others (behind the bar in an alcove to name but one) - so just avoid those spots?

  • Thanks Pep you've made my night!! Will pack my swimsuit after all, and stay in the cooler bits. So excited, I only booked this last week as a birthday trip for hubby and I can't wait :-)

  • I'm a HUGE fan of Iceland. Can't wait to go back one day. Enjoy!! x

  • nothing useful to add other than it sucks not to have a hot bath.  Luckily winter has been so mild I guess!

    BF sounds like a wonderful trip.  I'd say relaxing but no doubt you're probably climbing up a mountain or something!

  • No not this time! Its simply an Icelandair mini break. Fly to Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon next day, then at night a boat trip to hunt for the Northern Lights. Second day there just pottering about exploring the city, and fly back Saturday. I did want to take hubby dog sledding, but flying to the remote places necessary meant a 3 night trip would cost the best part of £3k and I can't justify that for a mini birthday break!

  • wow sounds lovely BF.

  • Nothing to add, but just wanted to say I'm so jealous! H and I planned to do Iceland and the northern lights in March. I really hope we can still go but with the redundancy hanging over my head I cant really book anything!  Have an awesome time xxx

  • Just to second what Pep said, the blue lagoon has warm parts and cooler parts, like warm currents running through it. You should easily be able to avoid getting too warm so enjoy! Random piece of advice though, if you colour your hair don't get it wet, it will go like straw!

    Iceland is amazing I am so jealous. We did 7 days driving a couple of years ago and were lucky enough to be there when the volcano erupted so we saw it. I'm desperate to go back as they now do trips to the volcano crater! How cool would that be?! Have a fab time x

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