Jumperoo users!

How big is your lo?

I bought F a jumperoo today after many recommendations and in the hope it would exhaust him so he would sleep. He is only 15 weeks but has good neck control and is very long so thought he would be able use it but his feet are nowhere near the ground. I read posts online of people using it much earlier so can't really understand?! Going to have a look and make sure I have put the seat cover on properly but was wondering how everyone else managed.


  • It has different levels but at first I think I used some next catalogues underneath!

  • We never had one but I think people have put books and things underneath or cushions, so their feet can touch something? Hth

  • Heidi is 13 weeks and went in it today. Can touch the floor already too! 

  • Good idea, will look out some spare cushions tomorrow. I also have the mattress from his crib which might do the trick. My mum will not be happy though, she is convinced he is too young!

  • So cute Rusty. Maybe F just has short legs!

  • Packets of nappies work well ;)

  • I think it's made me realise H is just long!

  • HV today said F was very long, he must just be out of proportion or his nappy was exceptionally full! ROTFL

  • Ours arrived this week too - E is only dinky for her age (18 weeks), so I have just put some cushions underneath it so she has something under her feet.  She was bouncing around and giggling like crazy earlier!!

  • Wii fit balance board under it. Far better than books and cushions they can slip on. Just check how his feet are and make sure they're not at a funny angle etc. or he's on tip toes.

  • O had Next catalogues or a cushion under for months! Little shorty.

  • Can I just crash please and ask if there is a difference between the rainforest one and the discover and grow one? Is one better than the other? Thanks!

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