Kiddicare clothes online

I don't know if the website is always this rubbish or is a temporary fault. 

im trying to find some sleep suits for newborn and wanted to look on kiddicare a website to see what kind off price they were to know of it was worth me making a trip to the store. 

But online when I click on the tab "nappies, clothing, bedding" and then"baby and childrenswear"  it only brings up bibs, accessories or swimwear. No clothes at all. 

I know a few of you live near their stores and go a lot, does any one know the kind of price they charge for a multipack of sleep suits. 

i dont want to be spending too much, but haven't found anything I particularly like in asda, tesco , matalan. next do lovely ones but they're about £17 for a three pack and i want to buy newborn size for hospital as I think this baby is going to be smaller than W, but don't want to spend that much incase I'm wrong and they're too small so can't be used.


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