Labour photographer. .....would you?

There is an article on the guardian website about having a pro photographer with you during your labour.
I cant think of anything worse. And isn't this capturing the moment craze going a bit far? Sometimes I think you need to live the moment rather than worry about capturing it.


  • I would I reckon. I haven't booked anything like that, but I would be prepared to. I can't imagine there's any posing involved or that it would stop me being in the moment, I would hope you end up forgetting they're there. I'm just not that attached to the whole birth process to go ahead with it or sit and look at photos or video footage of it. I can see why people would though.

  • The photographer who's kinda a friend who's taken photos of Isobelle a few times has posted on her wall asking if anyone is having a home birth to have new newborn photos taken. As I'm hoping to get a home birth I'm seriously considering this (obviously no in labour pics!!). Maybe it is a little weird!

  • Forgetting the whole being naked in front of a random whilst pushing and possibly pooing yourself, the next question would be when would you look at them? I couldn't imagine sitting down with your teenage child going look at their birth. It may become the norm, but it's nothing something I'd consider

  • Blackkat, I don't see anything wrong with the newborn photo's, in fact I think that the first photo of siblings meeting each other etc.. would be really sweet. Maybe I've read it wrong but from how LP described it I imagined action shots of you pushing and the baby crowning IYSWIM.

  • Hmm, not sure.

    H took pics of me in labour, and he caught the moment J was delivered on to me, they're precious pictures, but not sure about having a stranger there. Wouldn't want pics of the pushing part though, before and after, i'd be fine with, if it was someone I knew.

    Don't need a pic of my vag being stretched. That moment doesn't need re-living.

  • Don't need a pic of my vag being stretched. That moment doesn't need re-living.

    That's made me giggle AK

  • No chance. Straight-away newborn pics, lovely. Action shots, no thanks. I didn't even want my mum there so why would I want a strange photographer? And I hate having my photo taken at the best of times! I remember my labour well and am sure I always will, I'd rather have the actual memories than have a set of photos that make me remember the photos rather than the actual experience, if you see what I mean.

  • I wouldn't, but then no more would I allow the cameras in to film me doing it and then broadcast the whole thing on national tv. But women do otherwise there wouldn't be programmes like one born every minute.

    But I've got no desire to see any images of myself with my legs in stirrups - it felt ludicrous at the time and I've no wish to have a permanent reminder of it. Or the look on my face when they inserted the ventouse cup (apologies to those who haven't given birth yet but anyone who has had a ventouse delivery will probably know what I mean).

  • I got quite vocal about this on Twitter yesterday, I think it's all to do with this *warning images of childbirth involved* there are some wonderful images on there. The Guardian shared a stock image of a red face woman puffing in labour, it's not the same!

    I would really love to photograph a birth, there's no way I'd be photographing the graphic parts - but the emotion afterwards. That would be amazing to capture.

  • Abnormal Kitty

    Don't need a pic of my vag being stretched. That moment doesn't need re-living.

    Haha! EXACTLY how I feel!
    Upon reflection, I'm grateful that my graces were spared! I gave birth during the MW handover and having the extra woman in the room to witness my (ahem) behaviour was bad enough!
    My husband managed to get some pictures of our skin to skin immediately after the birth and that was enough for me!

    Saying that, my older cousin did have a photographer at her daughters birth. She said because it was a stranger she felt more comfortable. She didn't really care as she never knew her...some stunning images were captured too.
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