Ladybird at Very

Has anyone shopped with them? Just wondered how generous their baby clothes are, I.e typical, or on the small size etc. I might get Sam's christening suit there but wondering whether to get a true to age size or next up as he's quite big.

I have found a voucher in my bounty pack and they have some lovely stuff if anyone is after winter bits. Voucher is for £20 off £40 so a good saving!



  • I bought bits for D when she was little. Found them a good fit and D is big too. I forgot about that voucher. D needs some autumnal clothes x

  • I found the Ladybird stuff a good fit.

    I used to buy C Ladybird stuff from Woolworths when he was little, as it washed well, and fitted true to size.

  • Thanks both, I will get ordering then, had forgotten about lb in woolworths! He'll be 6 months almost exactly when christened so sounds like 6-9 months should be fine :)

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