Less messy lunch ideas for BLW

OK so I know there is inevitably going to be some mess.

But I'd really prefer to only bath A once a day, not least because it forms part of his bedtime routine. So I'd rather keep the messier meals to dinner time as then I can completely relax knowing he's going to be bathed clean.

So what can I feed him for lunch, that won't be too bad and I can get away with wiping hands and face and maybe changing his vest if necessary, but not have to do a bath? Getting a bit bored with plain or buttered bread/toast/pitta. Please inspire me.


  • Pasta with no sauce, strips of veg etc, cheese, crackers, potato wedges. What do you eat for lunch? Sandwiches? Just do bits of what you are having? Mine was a real fruit monster so we always gave a lot of fruit.

  • Ooh, eggy bread?

  • Sandwiches, pitta pizzas, grilled chicken with veg. The cheese lentil wedges aren't too messy.

  • IDC I usually have the leftovers from the night before, so they'd be 'unsuitable' as in quite messy, usually stuff in sauce, or rice which he squishes and it gets everywhere and then he needs a bath. I like some of these ideas though especially pasta with no sauce (need to get some in easy-to-hold shapes) and blocks of cheese... HT I might have to do some grilled chicken too.

  • At first my son didn't eat loads anyway, so I wasn't all that bothered if he had random stuff. Plain pasta is always a good one. My son loved (and still loves) rigatoni

  • See I don't give cheese unless he's having a bath. It gets mushed up and sticks in all the nooks and crannies and stinks!

  • Omelette, wraps, sandwiches, boiled egg and soldiers, cheese on toast

  • Will have to do some experimenting and maybe have a couple of extra baths for a week or so haha!

  • Long sleeved bibs combined with a hands and faces cheeky wipes kit (could not recommend enough) get me through without having to bath, pretty much whatever we're feeding!

  • Today B had pizza toast, very little mess and he loved it! Given I'd already had to give him a bath after breakfast I was after something cleaner!!

  • Crackers with various things spread on (fruit, avocado, hummus etc) but sandwiches are my fail safe when we're going anywhere.  

  • Gosh there is nothing I can give E that isn't messy! Haha

  • Sandwiches, rice cakes, bread sticks, crumpets?

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