Let's get this board moving again..

Things seem a tiny bit more active today, but if we want this forum to come close to what we used to have we need to get posting. Tri girls, come out of the threads and ask your questions, anything goes here, so nothing is deemed too daft or TMI! There is a wealth of experience lurking in the shadows here. It has been a bit sad coming on in recent weeks to see the same threads on the front page :'( This place is what we make it, so lets make it great!


  • Like this post...I still think everything should be on one board rather than seperate ones like the good old days of hitched x
  • Well said, I will try to post more. It was a lot easier when I was at work ha ha x

  • Haha I know that feeling Lamby! i often have no questions but I'd love to help others....also, would love to see more scan updates etc as threads in their own right rather than hidden away. Now I'm on 2nd tri I miss those posts on 1st tri threads! Lets shout the fab news from the rooftops like we used to :-)

  • I agree coco, things are very quiet at the moment.

    I keep trying to think of any ideas of threads to start that might get people joining in more but my mind is blank.

  • I don't usually have too much to say, sadly, but I do find myself lurking on the other tri threads to see what's going on sometimes.. But I don't ever reply because I feel like an intruder!

  • We haven't had a bump share for ages either. I'd start one but my 'bump' is 5 months old now lol! I loved those! It would be lovely to see more scan updates and things like that have their own threads, they deserve to be shouted about :)

    I'll try and have a think of some more things to post, it's a shame to see it so quiet.

  • I went back to work at the beginning of February and i thought i'd actually have more time to come on here, but it would seem i have even less :-(  I will try harder to come on and contribute!

  • Good idea - I totall agree with RKB, I went back to work at in November, but I don't seem to get much time to come on here these days - I will try posting more though!!

  • I'm guilty for not posting, but have been making an effort today! I got a lot of help here and would like to give back (and get some more help as toilet training is approaching!). Will try the mobile site - is it any good? x

  • Agentblackcat you can see every thread if you just go to www.mumdrum.com/f (or click on the 'Forums' link). I don't know why everyone doesn't just do this! This way you have the choice, view everything together or view in separate forums.

    You do have to enter the specific forums to actually make a post, but you can reply to any thread from the 'all boards' view.

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