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I struggle to think of things to feed us for lunch.  Me, my two year old and some days H.

The two year old is not a fan of sandwiches which makes it harder.  She will always have fruit and veg along with the following:

sandwich sometimes with soup

beans on toast

muffin pizzas


savoury rice

I can't think what else we have!

Evening meals I am fine with but get so stuck in a rut at lunchtime.

What do you guys have?


  • Wraps, bagels, toasties, paninis, boiled eggs, stuffed peppers. Leftovers. I avoid cooking at lunch time if i can

  • What about the warburtons flats? I've heard they are good?

    My two love toasted bagels with Dairlea (L like it with peanut butter as well)

    French toast?

    Boiled egg with soldiers

    Cheesey scrambled egg

    My 2 like a snacky lunch - cocktail sausages, cucumber, carrot sticks, cubed cheese, grapes, bread sticks/oatcakes/crackers/rice cakes, couscous, homous and some crisps.

  • Oh yes phoebe loves humous and breadsticks

  • We do the usual sandwiches, toasties etc too

    Jacket potatoes. We use the McCain frozen ones as theres nothing aded to them etc and they are ready in 5 mins. Fillings with have cheese, beans, chicken mayo, tuna mayo, with cherry tomatoes, cucumber etc on the side.

    Cocktail sausages with beans and toast

    Lots of soups and crusty rolls


  • Occasionally we do fresh pasta and put a sauce through, ready in less than ten mins

  • We are really boring and have sandwiches pretty much every day but lots of good ideas on here!

  • Thanks ladies.  I wish I would eat more sandwiches I keep trying as they are so easy.

    Am planning to meal plan so will be writing some of these on the list.

  • French toast, pancakes, toasties, baked spud, hot dog, cheese and potato pie, cheesy pasta/pasta in some sort of sauce, stir fry (normally using veg left over from the night before), pizza (toast, with tomato sauce, cheese and ham etc on), he likes frozen stuff, like fish pie etc too, frittata (also good for using up left over veg)

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