Mamas and Papas Morph carrier, any good?

As above really, been offered one for free but if it's rubbish I'd rather politely refuse. Thanks!


  • I've not used one, just googled and it looks a bit like a baby bjorn, so not knee to knee. Personally I wouldn't use, there's some controversy over whether they can exacerbate existing hip issues, but even without that I don't think the style would be very comortable for long, either for baby of parent, as it's not as supportive as something which does go knee to knee.

  • Personally I would politely refuse. The carrier doesn't hold the baby high enough (should be close enough to you that you can kiss them) & it also doesn't hold the baby in the knee to knee position. I would stay well clear

  • Thanks ladies, thought you might say that!

    One other question, what is knee to knee?

  • Glad you asked that OB as I wanted to know what knee to knee is too. I have a close caboo, was hoping to use from birth.

  • The fabric of the sling should go from one of babies knee joints to the other, so their knees end up slightly higher than their bottom. Most high street carriers don't do this and are often called crotch danglers as they only support the crotch. A Close is perfect to use from birth.

  • I'd politely refuse of, google connecta/ergo/manduca. They are all knee to knee but this Better demonstrates:

  • Thanks ladies. LM that link is fab!

    Mrs P, the caboo is what I was thinking of for newborn, then maybe selling it and getting a connecta when he's older.

  • That was my plan too OB x

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