Mamas and Papas Sola pushchair - any experiences?

Does anyone have this pram / pushchair??... We have been looking at it in Mamas and Papas, but after reading some online reviews I am torn. It seems to get 5/5 stars or 1/5, like people either love or hate it!

People mentioned the backrest in the pushchair was unreliable and kept slipping - does anyone have any experience of this?


  • The Sola was top of my list. I know I had a thread about it on here but can't find it at the moment, I will continue to look for it!

    We didn't go for it in the end, simple because we found one quite similar that was cheaper!

  • Thanks Mrs Bass, that would be really helpful!! What did you go for in the end?

  • I've got a sola... And I love it... However it was second hand and I only paid £75 for it... Also it is only really good in town on paths etc.. So if your looking at off road footpaths etc dont get a sola!

    I use my connecta for walks!

  • I also got minw second hand for £100 including carry cot. Haven't used it 'for real' yet as baby not here but from trying it out around the house etc I love it.

  • We have one. Easy to push, comfortable for E still at 15 months almost but also reclines flat so great for a newborn (we didn't bother with the carry cot because of this). Car seat attachment was very handy when she was little. Love all the colours and patterns it comes in to. The only reason I don't use it so much is because I sling. My mum uses it almost every day though. It's a thumbs up here!

  • Its fab I love mine...tried other peoples prams and I still glad I have my sola.... I would say if i were to buy again I would not by carrycot part as I hardly used it. Used carseat or chassi majority of time and now pushchair. We use our one off and on road x

  • Fig Leaves, the sola is on sale as long as you're happy to have it in red: 

  • Thanks for that all - very helpful!

    agentblackcat - I thought the same thing, but apparently it is on offer at the moment for £329 with a free carrycot, so we'd have one for free, otherwise I probably wouldn't bother buying it.

    Figaro - thanks for that, I am not sure about the red, it's the colour of the school I teach at and just reminds me of work! But, it is worth considering!!

  • We went to have a look at it,  but didn't seem as sturdy as the one we eventually went for.

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