Maternity bed pads

Bit of a random one, but if you used these, when did you start using them? Im aware my waters could go over the next 3 weeks (if they do go and then if they go while im in bed!!)

Ive got the Mothercare ones and there are just 5 in a pack so don't want to start sleeping on them too soon in case I wear and rip them and they only last a night. 

Any advice?


  • I've never used them (and this is my third pregnancy)

    My waters went on my bed the last time but there was very little mess, and it was only on the duvet if I recall.

    I started sleeping on a folded bath sheet when over due x

  • I've been sleeping on mine for the past couple of weeks but I put the mat inside a towel under the fitted sheet so im not lauing directly on it, itd make me sweat. Then just change the towel weekly and mat as and when.

  • Why does it only last a night? Surely unless it's actually wet it's unused?

    We used a proper old fashioned plastic waterproof sheet though.  From about 36 weeks and I'm glad I did as my waters broke in bed and were very bloody and a lot of them. It'd trash the mattress if unprotected.

  • I was sleeping on a folded up old duvet from 36 weeks for hip pain. Wasn't bothered about ruining that.
  • Little Madam- I was worried that if it was on top of the sheet it might rip or crumple with me tossing and turning during the night.

    I think I'llmput it under the sheet as hopefully it will last longer that way and if my waters do breK while in bed, it'll just be the sheet we need to wash.

    Might add a towel too after due date!!

  • I have one under the sheet but it doesnt stay put :( Might try the towel as well just to see if that helps

  • I'm on a folded over duvet too for comfort, so hoping that will do the job.

  • I have a lovely plastic sheet over the whole matress and a maternity pad under sheet, then another one on top of sheet with towel over top! Paranoid much?! I wriggle lots!
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