Matildas birth story

Just writing a little birth story for baby no 3 :-)

I woke at 3am ish on the 29th Jan, Had been waking otn during the night and not being able to sleep so I got up and had some tea and toast and read a book on my phone while dozing on the couch. Phoebe woke up at about 6.30am and had bad conjunctivitis so dealth with her gunky eyes while H got breakfast for himself & P ready. (Aaron was having a sleepover with his cousin)

Not long before 8 I got a couple of pains and I was thinking hmmmm, they hurt! I had to make the call by 8 for H to stay off or not so I told him to stay at home today which he was more than happy about! Pains kept coming but were very irregular, sometimes 3 back to back and then nothing for 5 mins. They were getting stronger though. Labour with no2 was much the same with the mw telling me I wasn't in established labour, 7 mins before she was born.

H took Phoebe up to my mums and meanwhile I was sick all over the bathroom while on the loo so got H to run me a bath when he came back and stayed in it for about 30mins, pains still coming. Meanwhile I was in denial and my whatsapp crew were trying to convince me I was in labour lol.

At about 9.45am I called the hosp but it was engaged, took 15 mins to get through and then we made our way up there. We got to hosp about 20 past 10 and walked for about 10miles to triage. Got there and heard them telling girl in front they were very busy and to wait in waiting room. My heart sank a little at this point. Indeed I was told the same. Other girl seemed to be really struggling grunting and puffing while walking around in distress while I was sitting breathing through the contractions wondering if I was a fraudster and if I'd get sent home.

Another mum from my toddler group came in about 20 to 11 for her GTT and was chatting away. Asked me how I felt. "Shite" being my answer lol. MW finally came in just before 11, showed me a triage room and handed me a pee pot. Asked if 1st baby, no 3rd. Told someone would be back soon as they were very busy. Si peed on the pot and wandered about the room, got M to rub my back with contractions and sat about when I wasn't having any. Went to the toilet a lot and started to have a bloody show. Told Michael about 10 past he needed to go and get help as I thought the baby would be coming soon. He went to the station and told the MW and again they asked if 1st baby and he told them no it was the 3rd. We will send someone along when we can they said!

At 11:20am a mw finally came in while I was on the loo. She said hello and apologized and I didn't say much, just took my trousers and pants off and climbed up on the bed. 11.24am She started asking me questions (1st baby, arghhh no it bloomin well isn't) and I told her I wanted to push, she wasn't concerned and stood beside me and helped me to breathe through some contractions.

At 11.25am my waters broke all over h haha and I told her I was going to push now and she told me we will just check, she hardly even got her fingers in then ran for the emergency buzzer (triage room had no delivery packs, no resus cot and no anything it seemed!) she had no gloves on either so fumbled about trying to get gloves on while various people asked what she wanted. MW & H helped me get onto all 4's and at 11.30am with one big long push Matilda was born :-) She weighed 8lb4oz.

I sat shaking for about an hour after she was born, sent H to the car to get our bags so I could get her first nappy on her after she peed on me (They offered me a sposie but I had packed cloth specifically), never even got tea & toast just straight up the ward as they needed the triage room back.
Had a 2nd degree tear which was stitched up with a LA on the delivery ward.
Matilda was a bit cold so she spent sometime in an incubator and then a hot c


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