Maxi Cosi Pebble vs Cabriofix

I'm sure this has been done before so sorry if it was recently!!!!

I wondered what is the difference is??

Can anyone recommend one over the other or is it just about personal choice/taste?



  • All I know is that the pebble needs an isofix base, whereas the cabriofix can use a seatbelted base (we're going to have to do this) and also, I think, can be belted in without a base. We got some good advice in Mothercare about the differences and have decided on cabriofix with an Easyfix base. HTH x

  • thanks for that BF.  I'll have a look on Mothercare's website.  If thats the case then the Cabriofix might be better for me because I'm not sure my parents will buy an ISOFIX base just for the first stage car seat.  

  • The pebble can be fitted with a seatbeat. Basically the pebble is the newer version of the cabriofix xx

  • This was the recent thread :-)

  • thanks for that BE, I'll read through that thread


  • We have a pebble with a seat belted in base. It also has spring loaded straps. I just preferred it.

  • The Pebble will fit on the new 2way Family fix base which means you can then buy the 2way Pearl, so keeping them rear facing for longer.  If I had my time again, and I was buying from new, that is probably what I would go for IF I knew that I would not be changing my car and the 2way Pearl would fit in it as well as the Pebble.  It makes Extended REar Facing considerably cheaper than it is at the moment.

  • Funnily enough jb im debating doing exactly that now. If I were starting from scratch id do it without hesitation.  We do already have a base for our pebble. But given baby boy is long and will probably out grow the pebble quickly we'd be looking at the pearl 2 way. So maybe I should get the base now to spread the cost. Its still 175 for the 2 way base and 200 for the pearl.

  • Exactly what JB said. As it is we have a perfectly serviceable cabriofix to use with this one, so I'll be sticking with that.

  • Hmm now I'm confused since we were told the pebble would not work on the only base that will fit my van and OH's car. I'll ask again when we're next in. We have a free cabriofix from my friend (know all it's history, no crashes, so happy with that) so will recheck base issues.

  • When the Pebble is fitted with a seatbelt I don't think it is fitted on a base.  It only works on the Family Fix or 2Way Family Fix.  It does not fit on the EasyBase which is the non-isfoix base which the Cabriofix fits on.

  • We have the easy fix seat belt base and had the pebble on it for 15 months. As fitted by john lewis. So unless thats changed in the 2 years since we bought ours I promise you canout it on a seat belt base!!


    there you go, easy fix base secured with seat belt and compatible with the pebble. I thought I was going mad for a moment!!  

  • Its called easy base 2 apparently not easy fix base. The names confuse me!!

  • I've got the familyfix base to use with the pebble & plan to get the pearl for Rs next carseat.  It is so easy to use with the base but also quite easy to use a seatbelt.

    We got the familyfix base on offer at john lewis for £80 when they did their pricematch sale, think they do this quite often throughout the year.

  • Thanks everyone for your feedback xxx

  • The maxi cosi website summarises it all quite wel regarding what seat can use what base.

    I've decided we are going for the cabriofix, it is cheaper, but the main reason is it weights 3.5kg (pebble is 4.1kg) which isn't a huge difference but every little helps when I'll be carrying and pushing two around!

  • All this car dear stuff confuses me! We went for the Pebble and the Family Fix Isofix base. We then switched to the Pearl when he outgrew the Pebble. The Isofix base has been so handy and easy to use. We'll probably be doing the same with #2 as we'll just need to but another base. I didn't realise there's now a 2way base so I might look into that.

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