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Hi, I'm putting together a list of bits we need to buy. I'm keen to breastfeed, so have been looking at bottles that are best suited to this. My thinking with that is that if for whatever reason I cannot breastfeed straight away, a bottle that has been developed with breastfeeding in mind might help the baby when it comes to me actually being able to try to breastfeed. Similarly with the other way round, I'd like to try to express from 6+ weeks so that H can do some feeds and would like to limit the amount of tears involved because the bottle is so different from the breast (and vice versa when they are put back onto breast for the next feed). I've been looking at the Medela bottles and wondered if anyone had tried them and what their verdict was? They seem to be quite a bit more expensive. Were they helpful or am I best just looking at 'normal' bottles? Any advice here would be much appreciated! Thanks.


  • We use the Medela Calma to give O expressed milk occasionally. We have some Tommee Tippee bottles (came with steriliser) and he will take them but guzzles the milk within minutes and then gets fussy. With the Calma a feed takes a long time (as with breast) and it's designed to minimise nipple confusion, I'd definitely recommend them :-)

  • Thanks BumpEnvy, thats really helpful. I have a friend who is really struggling to give her baby expressed milk with a bottle (he has refused every bottle she has tried) so I'm going to recommend these bottles to her too!

  • We have them. So far she takes ebm from these and feeds well off the breast.

  • FYI- I got mine 3 for 2 in boots so work out £6.66 a bottle rather than £10+

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