Men and cloth nappies

This may turn in to a rant!

My H is flipping' useless with cloth nappies! I spent a lot of time explaining them to him while I was pregnant and have spent a lot of time since but he just can't get the hang of the two part ones! The other day I came home to find S in a little lamb bamboo with no wrap and H had also somehow managed to put it on backwards...

He manages better with the pocket ones we have but massively over stuffs them with tons of boosters so I've started making them up in advance for him but its driving me crazy! He was so behind the decision to use cloth and actually loves everything about them, he just can't use them!

Please tell me my H isn't the only man who cannot get to grips with them?


  • My H took a little while to get the hang. I think cos we spent so much time researching its easy to us. He'll get there eventually :)

  • He'll get there. Don't forget you probably use them a lot more. I was clueless too when I started... took me ages to realise that the BumGenius Freetimes have the lines in the boosters so you can fold them to make them thicker at the front/middle for a boy/girl!

    I taught my H how to do the pocket nappies and he is good now, and we mostly use all-in-ones as that's easier. He does the night nappies too.

    It is confusing if there's loads of different types, he only used the Freetimes to start with and then slowly I showed him how to do the others x

  • My H is pretty good but it's easier for us all the diff types if we are buying them I guess!

  • I'm sure he will get the hang of them. I did despair when he put it on backwards though, it must have been so much harder!

  • My H managed to put a wrap on inside out. How he thought it was ok with bits of fabric flapping about is beyond me!
  • Oh dear! The only problem my H has had is with the different materials, I've discovered bamboo boosters where fleece liners should be! Otherwise he does pretty well, I pre-stuff the pocket nappies anyway xx
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