Meningitis B vaccine

So just watching on the goggle box that there is now a vaccine available for meningitis b, the most common and worse form. But it's not available on the NHS and a private course is estimated at £600...if you can find somewhere to buy it from. Really.....shouldn't all our kids be entitled to this. I recognise that the chances of getting it are low and you'd have to be unfortunate however if there is a vaccine why risk it?? 


  • I haven't heard about it but I guess the rationale for introducing a vaccine to the immunisation programme is about balancing the cost of the vaccine and giving it against the amount saved by cutting the illness cases down and the risk of the illness to begin with. Will be reading up on this later though and will be back!

  • I think I remember this being on the news awhile ago. Isnt in the process of being put on the nhs childhood vaccine list? I might look it up again. Meningitis is something thats had a big impact on us through friends several times in the last few years and so a vaccine would be a big deal

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