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meralgia paresthetica anyone had it and have any miracle cures


As the title says really....from 9 weeks I get this burning sensation in my left thigh it also sometimes feels like pins and needles. Its constantly a numb area and its keeping me awake at night. It hurts when I walk and sometimes feels like a throbbing pain.

Whether im sitting in a chair or lying in bed it constantly has one of the things above.

Ive googled and says its this meralgia paresthetica however there is no cure....I seriously cant have this for the next 6 stops me sleeping most nights its so frustrating

It says u get it when obese and increased weight gain which I admit ive put on 2 stone in last 7 months but im only a size 14 I wouldn't class myself as huge....anyhoo will mw let me diet??

Please help...if anyone has had it has anything helped. Doc said theres nothing he can do.

Tia xxx


  • I think this is what I've got. Went to the docs who referred me to the physio. When I went she explained that it was a nerve that had pressure put on it and had got damaged. She couldn't understand how I had it hut said it could've been something as simple as my knickers or trousers cutting in on the same place everyday. I now wear boy short style knickers so they don't cut in across the top of the thigh where mines worse. She told me to wear loose clothing at night time and sleep with a pillow between your legs to keep it straight when sleeping so pressure isn't put on the nerve. She said it should disappear by itself and if it doesn't in a month to go back. Would definitely be worth going to the doctors about it.

  • Thanks ive been docs he was useless just said I think its partial sciatica but I think he is wrong....gross I know but I dont wear anything for bed. Ive tried sleeping with pillow between legs and does help a little but still get more comfier on back but cant really sleep on back whilst pregnant. Can I be cheeky n ask u at what stage in pregnancy u got it how long urs has lasted. ..ive had mine for 6 weeks and has got worse....mine started at 9 weeks can I ask what weight/ size u were when u got it? X

  • I've got it but was told it was sciatica last time and am presuming it is the same this time.  I had osteopath appts every week from around 25 weeks which did help but didn't get rid of it completely.  

  • Thanks ... trouble is he said mine is prob not pregnancy related as baby isnt big enough to cause that damage x

  • Got it around 10 weeks, went to docs at 12 weeks as it was getting worse and woke me up a few times, went to physio last week at 17weeks but had already been wearing looser underwear and clothing to help. I'm 9stone and a size 10-12 which is part of the reason why she couldn't understand why I had it! Can you self refer to the physio or ask your midwife about it? If it doesn't get better I would see another doctor for a second opinion. Cant have 6 months of pain!

  • Yes ill ask mw to refer for physio if she wont ill see another doc its so painful it keeps me awske stops me walking thanks I just hope someone can do something x

  • I self diagnosed myself with Meralgia Paresthetica,  before I went to docs.  They agreed but didn't know what to do.  I can't walk,  sit,  sleep or do any normal day to day stuff.  Nightmare.  I'm desperate to find some relief but no one knows what to do.  I was wondering if anyone got any relief and what you did?  I'm so unhappy and feel so useless all day,  everyday.  Any advice?  


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