MIL "Any twinges?"

FFS I'm only 38weeks tomorrow and baby#1 was 15day's overdue! arrrgghhh I can't cope with 4weeks of that question!


  • Ha!!! iv'e got it all to come!!!! great!!!

    but in saying that.................. any twinges yet???? lol sorry couldnt resist x

  • Noooooooo!! LOL
  • Yikes! Luckily H only speaks to his mum once a week & she just asks how I am.

    My mum has started calling every day though! Not got annoying yet though!

  • 39 weeks today...

    So far I've has messages from:

    Mum, dad, brother, mil, friends, mums next door neighbour, aunt, gran, h's nan, person we bought out house off and neighbour! This is not including H to panics every time I flinch!

    I'm going to hit one of them aren't i?!
  • Oh... They have all happened TODAY!!!
  • At least your in laws are interested. Mine are going to Australia for a month over my due date. When H mentioned they'd be away when baby arrives they said 'oh will will? Oh yes, not thought of that! Never mind'. It's not that I expect them to change their plans but a little recognition they have a grandchild arriving would be nice! Whoops sorry, little rant!
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