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milk feeds and weaning

As you progressed with weaning, how did milk feeds change if you were ff? I asked the hv yesterday and her response was "he will let you know when he wants less". So it didn't really answer my question! I'm sure all babies are different so I'm just curious really. We are hoping to do blw but would be interested to hear if it's different if you didn't blw as well. I guess I just can't ever imagine S having anything other than milk ha! :)


  • I use to give milk an hour before food. Eventually he started taking less milk, so I changed to just morning and night milk. Now he will barely drink that but does still wake twice in the night for milk. He has milk on cereal twice a day which was a compromise to make sure he was getting enough. He's never been a big milk drinker

  • B was a milk monster so when he got weaning we started to Just not offer certain bottles. at 6 months he was on 5 feeds throughout the day, so we started dropping the lunchtime bottle and spreading the others. By about 7/8 months he was on 3 bottles and by 10 months he was on 1/2. By a year(I think around 11 months) he was on bedtime bottle only.

  • With E, I started with offering foods around "mealtimes" but kept her milk feeds the same. As she started eating (rather than just playing with it!) I started to just give milk first thing and at night and then mid morning and afternoon. I think it was her afternoon bottle she dropped first (she just started drinking less and less until she wasn't interested so I just stopped giving it her) ad then she did the same with her morning bottle. She still has a beaker of milk when she wakes up and one before bed which I like as know she's getting her calcium!

  • I didn't understand this either Popcorn, but so far after doing BLW a few weeks, M has reduced her bottles slightly. She was having 5 x 8oz throughout the day, we kept these feeds as normal and just started introducing "food" at mealtimes (assuming she was awake). The other week she was leaving a bit in each bottle so last Saturday we downed her bottles to 7oz each and she's not been complaining so I guess that's what she wanted. I guess as she starts eating more she'll reduce her feeds further too.

  • #1 was FF whilst weaning and I followed a similar strategy to Sapphire - when he started to leave an ounce or two consistently, I reduced the amount in the bottle and when it became about 4oz or less, I dropped it altogether. He was still taking 3 8oz bottles at around a year when we switched them to cups of cows milk.

  • Thanks all that's what I was after. S is a total milk monster too so I'm curious to see how he will change. He's started going much longer between feeds now but wanting a bit more so I'm thinking he might just drop a feed altogether once we start weaning. Still got 4 weeks though so he will probably have changed again!

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