Millicent's birth story (vbac)

(Apologies this is so long, I've written it for me and Millie)

Background: Big brother Alex was born by emergency section after a 32 hour labour (15 hour active) due to being back to back and brow presentation.  At the time I was very positive about it, he was never in any danger, just a bit stuck.  I wanted a vbac as the section recovery time, whilst fine with only a newborn to look after, was something I wanted to avoid with a 2 year old to consider.

I was paranoid about this baby going back to back, from 34ish weeks every evening was spent leaning over a birthing ball on all fours trying to encourage her into the correct position.  She spent pretty much all of the 3rd trimester in an ROL position, which whilst not OP, often indicated that’s the way she would go.

A growth scan at 38+5 estimated her at 7lb 6oz, a fair bit smaller than her 9lb brother – vbac looking hopeful!

The week of my due date was a busy one, at 39+3 we found a house that we really liked and ended up seeing it 3 times in 5 days, then had our offer accepted on day 6.  It was a busy old week, and I was grateful that baby hadn’t arrived on time.  I think there was too much adrenaline for me to relax enough to go into labour.  I joked that Wednesday onwards would be good as A is in nursery for the latter half of the week.

Tuesday at 40+4 I had a sweep and was pleasantly surprised to learn I was a good 2cm dilated.  We booked another two sweeps and induction for +12, but she seemed confident I wouldn’t make it that far.  I had a few cramps and a bit of spotting that afternoon but they died off by the evening.

On Wednesday at 40+5 I woke up from the best night’s sleep I’d had in a long time.  H took A to nursery and then went off to work whilst I made the most of staying in bed.  I had what I now know was my first contraction around 8.30.  I didn’t say anything to H, who had been desperate to finish work for a few weeks already as I didn’t want to get his hopes up falsely. I timed the contractions, they were a good 10-15 minutes apart.  I had a shower, and had a bit of a bloody show whilst there.  I pottered about the house getting myself dressed and a few household chores, still timing the contractions.  I got 4 texts asking if there was any baby news, so cheekily updated my fb with , even though I was pretty sure I was contracting. 

Cheered on by the fabulous, if not that artistic, Bluewater,

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  • What a fab story GB!  This is what I want to do the next time round (maybe without the pooing!) Congratulations on the safe arrival of Millicent again! She's just gorgeous!

  • Waaaaaaah so much of what you have written rings true for my labour with O, even down to the night before having the best night's sleep EVER. And the pooing - play doh factory Weep

    Millicent is gorgeous, I can't wait to meet her Hug

    (And if any of you are wondering, and I hate to burst BG's bubble here, the characters on her poster were for C's bday card that I was making for cbeebies! Am glad that mr tumble, granddad tumble and aunt Polly could help you Wink)

  • Lovely story BG, I'm so glad you got your VBAC! You look completely amazing after just giving birth too!

  • Lovely story, so pleased you got your VBAC. Love the bit about the play dough!!!

  • I've been waiting for this! It's a goodie. VBACs are always so good to hear. And feeling normal after 8 days is incredible really. Well done, you were epic xx

  • Great birth story :-) beautiful bubba and you look amazing BG!

  • Thanks. I didn't look so wonderful with the burst blood vessel in my eye - a side effect of pushing no-one warned me about!

  • Great story, glad it worked out for you. But OMG burst blood vessel in your eye? that doesn't sound good.  I'm going to have to stop reading birth stories I think!

  • Lovely. And you look like you didn't even break a sweat!

    I will never think of play doh in the same way again...

  • Jem, if it's any consolation I didn't feel it or even know about it until one of the midwives told me about it. It's almost gone now.

  • I also didn't feel the cannula rip out of my hand during the pushing phase either, I've felt that b i t c h of a bruise since though!

  • Fab story BG, thanks for sharing x

  • FAb birth story!  And how good do you look after giving birth!! Congratulations!

  • Amazing story and you look fantastic!  I am so pleased you got your VBAC.  You look  stunning in the after photo xx

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