Miscarriage bleeding question?

Can I ask a question please?
How long did you bleed for after a miscarriage?  I am so sick of wearing a pad, it's doing my head in!  On day 13 now...



  • I had no idea you were pregnant again, I'm so sorry. How many weeks were you? I think that has an impact on how long bleeding lasts. With my mc before p I bled for about 2-3 weeks on and off, I was 5 weeks. I did ov again though in that time and conceived p. It's so difficult to know. I'm so sorry. X
  • I've no experience but wanted to say how sorry I am to see you back under those circumstances. Hugs. x

  • Thanks x

    Not entirely sure yet but it was only very early.  Back tomorrow to find out though the last scan I had they dated me around 6+5, so about that I think.

  • Thanks SG.  I'm fine really, it was only early. I'm just so sick of the bloody pad!  Tongue Tied

    Looks like it could be a little longer then.  Good job Tesco had pads on 3 for 2!

  • Just want to say I'm really sorry GB. Glad you are doing ok atm, hope tomorrow goes alright. Take care x

  • I'm sorry I have no experience of this to offer any advice but wanted to say sorry to see you back here with sad news. Take care x
  • I can't offer any advice I'm afraid but just wanted to say I'm sorry to read this x

  • just sending love and hugs GB. Hope it stops soon xx

  • Sorry lovely, hope it stops soon x

  • So sorry to read this. When I miscarried at 6 +4 I had a very heavy period for about a week and then light bledding for maybe 3-4 days after it.

    Be kind to yourself

    Xx sue

  • So sorry GB, big hugs to you. I bled heavily for a week both times. I hope tomorrow goes as well as can be xx

  • So sorry to hear you're going through this. For me, the bleeding was heavy for about 2 weeks then a bit lighter for another week after that. I hope it does stop soon for you. Take care x

  • Sorry you're going through this GB.

  • Sorry to hear this GB. I can't help I'm afraid, I had an ERPC after my mmc xxxx

  • Sorry to read this GB, also can't help as I had an ERPC. Hope the bleeding stops soon x

  • Thanks all

    I started bleeding on Christmas eve but only a day then it started properly on the Saturday.  Its never really been heavy as such, I always know when to go to the bathroom.  Ive had clots everyday too, still going.

    My 2 hcg bloods looked ok (took before the big bleed started) and at my scan on NYE they just couldn't 100% say it was all ok (well, for report purposes but the scanner woman thought it was bad) plus cervix was still closed.  my appt was for 10 days later so im hoping they say its all gone.

    (Typing this on my phone do apologies if it doesn't quite read right. Hope you get the gist)

  • So sorry GB. Hope it doesn't last too long with you. x

  • Oh GB, I'm so sorry lovely xxxx I had quite heavy bleeding for 10 days and carried on spotting for a short time afterwards.

  • Sorry to hear about this GB. Neither of mine were natural mc so I can't help either with timescales. I hope it's over physically soon.

  • Sorry to see this GB. My recent one eventually miscarried at 6 weeks but i spotted for 10 days beforehand. I bled properly, heavily for about 4/5 days and spotted for a further week.

    Hope you are ok and being kind to yourself x

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