Miscarrying - *Happy Update page 5*

I'm bleeding. I've been bleeding for three days on and off but it is becoming more on than off. It varies from pink, to watery red to brown and I've passed a few small clots. 

I''m on cyclogest, progynova, estraderm and aspirin if it makes a difference. 

I have a private scan on Friday to see if anything looks hopeful. Does anyone have any good stories about bleeding around 5/6 weeks? I can't believe we have gone through so much and it might already be over. I'm not sure I can face it all again :(



  • I don't have any Ducky, but I've been looking out for an update from you. Really do hope all turns out to be well. So sorry you're going through this x

  • I have my fingers and toes crossed for you Ducky. Huge hugs.

  • Oh Ducky so so sorry to read this. Obviously I have no experience but as you know there are people on here that have had bleeding early on and it's been ok. Friday must seem a lifetime away for you but I hope it comes round quickly and you get some positive news on your beans. Keeping absolutely everything crossed for you my lovely xx

  • No experience, but wanted to send some big hugs and sticky vibes your way. The fact it's not bright red  and cramping is a good sign though! X

  • Really am keeping everything crossed for you Ducky....hugest of hugs xxxxxxx

  • Oh Ducky-I really hope this is one of those bleeds that other people talk about that goes on to be nothing. No matter how hard, remember the clinic said this can happen with ivf pregnancies so this might be normal-still worrying but normal. I am keeping everything crossed for you, your H and those little beans xx

  • Keeping everything crossed for you Ducky. Remember what the clinic said- can you call them again tomorrow to see if they can offer anymore reassurance? Sending you so so so many inadequate hugs. Keep rested. My Mum was bedbound for her entire pregnancy with my sister due to constant bleeding and my sister is 30 now.

  • I had a huge bleed with this pregnancy at 6 weeks exactly. There was far more blood (bright red) than with my previous miscarriage,  I also passed clots and what looked like tissue. I was convinced it was over but a scan 3 days later showed a flickering heartbeat and ive had no bleeding since (touch wood). I will keep everything crossed for you lovely, the wait is awful. I bled on thursday night and wasnt scanned until monday and it was torturous. Xx

  • I have no experience either but want to send big hugs to you. Hope Friday comes round quickly for you xxx

  • I hope Friday comes quickly for you and you get some good news, big hugs to you xxx

  • Hugs being sent your way Ducky.xx

  • Lots of lots of hugs and vibes Ducky xx

  • Hugs Ducky, all my vibes xx

  • I have no experience with ivf and the drugs that you are on but I did have bleeding at 5+6. It was browm/red/pink and there were a couple of small clots. I also had some mild cramping. I had a scan which didn't show much to reassure me, a fetal pole but they couldn't confirm a heartbeat but I was told that can be expected at that stage. I had this bleeding for around 5 days. Another scan at 7+1 showed a heartbeat and 46 weeks later the little rascal has just had his nightly bath, boob, bed routine and is fast asleep.

    Perhaps with all you've been through this is to be expected to an extent but it won't make it any less scary.

    Thinking of you and sending you lots of stickiness. Huge hugs. Keep us updated xxx

  • No advice but keeping everything crossed for you. I hope Friday comes quickly for you xx

  • Oh Ducky no Sad I've got everything crossed that this is just one of those IVF things. I don't have any experience myself but there have been people with bleeding at the same stage who now have healthy happy babies. Hope Friday rolls round quick xxx

  • Big hugs your way ducky, will keep everything crossed for you on Friday x

  • Just sending you hugs and crossing everything. Xx

  • Aw ducky my heart sank when I read the title of this post. I was on cyclogest and aspirin both of which can cause bleeding especially cyclogest and then the aspirin obv thins the blood making it appear worse. I had bright red bleeding twice, I think about 8 and 11 weeks, but my result is currently 7 months old.

    Will your clinic even test your hcg levels? Massive hugs xx

  • No advice Ducky but absolutely everything crossed for a positive outcome on Friday. I'm so sorry your going through this, I really really hope it's just some random bleeding perhaps linked to the meds xx

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