Mobile Forums are now live!

The mobile version of The Mumdrum forums is now live!  To access the mobile site simply go to: from your mobile device or tablet.

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback during our testing, we have made a series of bug fixes and enhancements as a result of your input. 

Simplified Layout:  Please remember that the mobile version of the forums is a cut down version of the full site and is designed to accompany, rather than replace, the full site, which is why certain features are not available.

Mobile Device:  As you can imagine, we are unable to support every generation and type of mobile device, but we have been working hard to make our mobile site compatible with as many as possible.  If you experience problems accessing the mobile site please add a comment below or e-mail me at [email protected] outlining the nature of the issue (along with a screenshot if possible) and the device (make and model) and browser you are using to access the mobile site.

Galaxy Ace:  jelly baby - we've made some changes to resolve the issues you were having on your Galaxy Ace.  If you're still using that phone please could you have a look and let me know how you get on?

Page Load Times: Whilst some people found the mobile site quicker and easier to use, others reported that it was very slow to load.  We have investigated this issue and believe there are some changes we can make to improve the page load times.  Those that are experiencing this issue, please could you let me know which page you are going from / to when you experience this issue ie clicking onto the main Baby Talk forum thread page from the mobile homepage or clicking on a particular thread within a specific forum etc. or is it all pages?

If you have any other feedback please let me know.  Thanks


  • Ooo!!! Thanks! I works too!
  • It*

    Apparently my fingers don't though!
  • Good to know - thanks for your response Custard!

  • So much easier to use and I can start posts from my phone. Really impressed with it.

    Only 2 slight annoyances. 1. The limited word count allowed in posts and 2 the flippin Annabel karmal ad that pops up constantly, once per visit is enough surely?!
  • Hi Autumn Rose - thanks for your feedback & really glad to hear it's working well.  

    The limited word count is not something we will be able to change in the short term as it would require custom development.  We are reviewing our mobile ad strategy, so it's useful to have your input on this.

  • I find the ad annoying, so rarely use my phone for MD now, but it now works on my Kindle fire, which is ace.

  • Great news that it's working on your Kindle fire.  Have noted your comments re the ads.

  • It's good. But the adverts are SOOO frigging irritating! Also on Hitched, there was a button where you could switch to the next post. Is there something like that that could be do by any chance?

  • Hi Pocahontas - I'm glad you like the new mobile site.  We have recently reviewed our advertising strategy and are planning to reduce the frequency of the mobile adverts shortly.  

    I'm afraid we won't be able to add a next post function in the short term, as the software we are using for The Mumdrum mobile site is different to the software being used for the Hitched site.  I have added it to our list of possible future developments.

  • Mobile update: As a result of your feedback we have reduced the frequency of the mobile ads, so that on average each user will only see the advert once per visit.  

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