Mon 3rd Tri


hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

I've been cramping every 10 mins for the last couple of hours, so hoping this is the start. Going for a sweep this morning so hoping he's on his way!




  • Ooooh MrsP - How exciting! Everything crossed for you and I hope he doesn't keep you waiting much longer. Looking forward to a BA :-D xx

    All fine here, Phoebe loaded with cold so I am trying not to catch it but it's probably impossible. Sob! Today I need to register Aaron for starting school in august, getting big!

    Baby wriggling away, not much else to say tbh just on countdown I guess!

    ck 38+3 x

  • MrsP - hope this is the start of something for you!

    CK - hope you avoid the cold! H has one at the moment so I'm avoiding him!  Did you go overdue with your other two? Guess you're just playing the waiting game now!

    AFM - quiet and chilled weekend. I definitely needed it after 5 full days at work last week! Ordered our new kitchen on Saturday though so it was an expensive one! Also had a look at some ideas for the nursery, H wants to pain it a mint green which I think will be quite nice, I definitely don't want it all pink!

    I've got a midwife appointment on Wednesday, I assume this is one where I'll finally be measured? People at work keep telling me I'm big (why do they all feel the need to comment?!), but complete strangers (like the hairdresser I went to yesterday) tell me I don't look look as pregnant as I am. Will be interesting to see what the tape measure says! I'm having my anti-D injection on Wednesday too...I'm such a wimp, I'm really scared about it!

  • Morning ladies,

    MrsP, hope things are starting, let us know how sweep goes!

    CK, hope you avoid the cold - registering for school, he's getting big!

    AFM, I'm feeling really anxious about everything, and Im not sure why.  Baby wasn't moving much on Saturday night so i hardly slept and you know when you have that nervous feeling and your heart and head are racing and you just can't relax, I was like that for hours. Then was in tears last night worrying's movements change and I think it's just having a quiet day but it's actually something serious that I'm missing. Then thinking of going back to work on Wednesday with the possibility that I could bleed heavily at any time without warning was not helping. I'm not really sure what to do about it all. I'm sure all this nervous energy isn't good for baby either.

    Apart from that all fine Laugh Ms room is decorated and ready for her new bed coming next Monday, we got a few more baby clothes, still need more though. Fairly quiet weekend, I'm just so tired from not sleeping well. This morning we have to pick up the food shop, I need to try to get Ms hair cut as it's a riot, then she has ballet this afternoon. And try and keep her occupied in the meantime!,

    Hope everyone else is doing well xx

  • no1 was induced because he stopped growing so 39+2

    no 2 was 40+2

    new kitchen fab! whats it like? Anti d is fine, I didnt find it sore, just a bit weird.(bum padded too much maybe) I haven't been tape measured this pregnancy! Bit odd but i've moved since last preg so they seem to do things differently here.

  • Morning ladies!

    Oooo Mrs P fingers crossed!!!! It would be fabulous if it all kicks off! Exciting!

    CK hope you hold off the dreaded lurgy! Must be bitter sweet seeing your babies grow up!

    Flossy how exciting to be buying a new kitchen! What have you gone for? Mint sounds lovely for the nursery!

    AFM well ended up in mat assessment till the early hours of this morning after a wee fall down the stairs followed limited fetal movement. Everything absolutely fine but shattered today. Decided to phone in sick as I have zero on at work today anyway. Its a bit cheeky as I am awake but I really don't feel up to being in work knackered with nothing to do! Baby now wriggling around fine!

  • Missed you Flossy when I was writing my big moan

    Exciting getting a new kitchen, when will you have it fitted? Lovely thinking about doing nursery too. We had yellow for M (didn't know if it was a boy or girl) and have just given in to the pink now Laugh pretty sure your mw will measure you this time, mine measured at my 28 wk one. Funny how everyone has an opinion on bumps and how big or little they are!

  • SP, how scary, glad all was ok. Quite right taking the day off x

  • Aw weekender I know exactly what that's like. I have a baby who seems to like facing limbs in A LOT so often have days like you but I was told by my MW that if I have any significant changes to movement and follow all the tricks in the book (cold water, lying down etc) and still don't feel anything then to get checked out. The maternity assessment would rather see you than you being at home this worried. It might be worth phoning in if you can't settle? Especially after what you went through at Christmas. Hope you are okay xxx

  • I fell in love with a light grey kitchen but as we're hoping to move in 2 or 3 years we've gone with a fairly neutral wooden one so hopefully it'll appeal to more people! Will look lovely when it's done though, and it's probably the best room in the house size-wise so looking forward to it being all new. Plus we've changed the layout so we'll have space for a tumble dryer which I think will come in useful! Hopefully getting it done next month so it's all ready for when little miss arrives...fingers crossed!

    CK - good to know it doesn't hurt much! I don't mind having blood taken but the idea of this injection freaks me out a bit...I need to man up!

    SP - that sounds scary, glad all is ok. You definitely deserve today off, you must be exhausted anyway.

    Weekender - sorry you had a stressful night. Are the movements back to 'normal' now (I struggle to work out normal)? I don't blame you for being worried about going back to work. When are you meant to be finishing?

  • Thanks ladies, it's funny because baby seems to go from big massive movements one day to little wriggles with the odd kick the next which I think is why I'm struggling with knowing what's normal and when something needs checked. He's wriggling just now though. Flossy I'm supposed to be finishing at 38 weeks, so another 8 weeks of work, although if scan in a fortnight shows I need a section then I'll be finishing at 36 weeks. Assuming there's no significant bleeding in the meantime that means either hospital bed rest or early delivery. I'm so tempted to ask to start mat leave asap but if scan in a fortnight shows placenta has moved (unlikely but not impossible) then would be pointless to be on mat leave as the risk of bleeding would have passed too. Also I've not done any handover or even tidied my desk so need to do all that too really.

    I'll be fine, either in two weeks placenta will have moved and all will be fine or I'll def be having a section in 8 weeks so I'll be on countdown. So max of another 8 weeks to try to remain sane Laugh

  • Morning All

    Mrs p - will be thinking of you, hope to hear some positive updates soon!

    WE - hugs to you for feeling how you have, glad baby is moving about again, mine is having a quiet day today also x

    CK - morning to you glad all is ok x

    Flossy - i didnt get measured until late, and also have everyone telling me how big i am! but i am measuring bang on my date so???

    SP - you poor thing you must of been terrified! glad all is ok!

    AFM - not much to report really, just trying to get my head around my appointment from friday and think of my options just incase worst case scenario happens, also it is my last week at work this week which i am so so happy about! friday i got an email to say that Payroll had not been paying in my pension contributions and therefore they will need to take it all out in one lump from my last pay cheque! I really have had enough of that company and cannot wait to go now! i cant see me going back after leave finishes!

  • Come on Baby Penguin, hope it's the start of things MrsP!!

    glad everything is ok Sweetpea!!
  • Flossy that sounds lovely! Very exciting!

    NLH you have a lot to think about  - I'm hoping you don't get to the worst case scenario. That is so unbelievably crap about the pension contributions!!! Painful. Especially as you start may leave. Yeah for the last week then!

    Hi Mrs B!

  • Good luck Mrs P!! Cmon baby :-)

    Hi everyone! Thought I'd stick my head in, hope your all doing ok. Your all on the home straight now!

    Freddie was 3 weeks old yesterday! Where has that time gone?!

  • Morning everyone

    Mrs P - Fingers crossed this is it - lots of baby out vibes and successful sweep vibes to you :)

    CK - Hope you manage to escape the cold! You are the next one in terms of due dates aren't you?

    Flossy - I can totally relate to those comments, people can be really nosy!! I think I got measured at about 28 weeks and again at 31 weeks.

    We - Sorry you are feeling anxious about everything. Has the consultant recommended staying off work or not? It might help you keep busy but at the same time you don't want to risk anything either I suppose.

    SP - Glad all was well, don't feel guilty you need to catch up on your rest!

    NLH - Oh god what a nightmare - can't they spread it out a bit as its their fault?

    Mrs Bass and Gemini - Hello hope you are both well.

    AFM - God I hate Mondays!! Oh well only 4 more of them to go :) Had a busy weekend with NCT on sat and then all of my H's family round for a roast and H was really hungover from sat night, he is not in my good books! And is now on a drinking ban until baby arrives, lol.

    Baby wise all good, although weighed myself this morning and my weight seems to have plateaued. I have put on a stone in total so am assuming this is ok? Bit concerned that a should be piling the weight on now?

  • I've only put on a stone as well mrs V - I had wondered if I should have put more on but if bubs is the right size and the MW isn't worried then assume all is okay! I think it's rose who was saying she's only put on 7lbs (she's a good few weeks ahead of us) and the MW wasn't concerned. Might be worth asking at your next check up out of interest.

  • Just crashing in Mrs P I hope things have kicked off for you! So looking forward to your BA, you will be the first 2014 due date to have their baby in 2014!

    Hi everyone, hope your all well xx

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm late as usual so sorry if I miss anyone as I'm doing personals over 2 pages and struggling a bit

    MP - Good luck with the sweep

    CK- Counting down those last few weeks must be exciting

    Flossy- New kitchen wow!!

    WE- I totally relate to the anxiousness. I keep telling myself nothing is wrong, but I panic at discharge, and the amount of BH

    SP - Glad all was well, enjoy  your rest!

    NLH -As MV said can't they spread it out a bit as its their fault?

    MB and Gemini- Hope all is well

    MV- Did you enjoy the NCT class. At 28 weeks I'd put on about 9lbs but I'm expecting I've piled it on it past few weeks as I've been starving

    AFM- The nausea is back. The OH was helpful saying did it ever really go away, but I have had a few weeks nausea free. The other thing is the BH are driving me mad, they are there all day but at night go into overdrive and seem to wake me up at least 4/5 times a night. I'll be glad to finish work!


  • NLH- I'm not sure how it suits you to get the contribution taken but I'm sure there's a rule as to the maximum % they can take out of any one wage packet.

  • Ok thanks SP - There's always something to worry about isn't there!!

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