Monday 1st tri

I've not made it beyond 6am for 3 days in a row without being woken up by my stomach churning, gurgling and popping away to itself. It's so uncomfortable but the gas doesn't want to come out!! Ahhhh.... I hope this improves soon as I'm exhausted and I've 5 full days at work from today!

Hope other 1st tri ladies are doing better than me! X


  • Hope you feel better soon PS.

    I'm so tired, feel so pathetic! Was ok over the weekend with lie ins and afternoon naps. Not sure how ill manage work this week. I keep yawning, I feel so rude when people are talking to me! We were planning our scout programme and I know I'm going to struggle with the night hikes we have planned and at summer camp ill be 34 ish weeks! But I couldn't say anything just try to direct things towards activities I can/will be able to do.

  • Morning ladies!

    PS - I had a lot of trapped wind at the beginning this time too. Hope it eases off soon for you..

    Raincloud - There tiredness is a real killer isn't it? my husband thought it was hilarious when I'd fall asleep on the sofa every night! Wow to camp at 34 Weeks!

    AFM - Beginning of birthday celebrations yesterday (my 30th next Sunday) Mum and Dad are both working then so we had lunch yesterday instead. Off out for a play date with a couple of Hitchers/MDers today with our broods which will be fab. Pregnancy wise not much to report bar looking about 4 months pregnant...just airing for the elusive scan date.

    Hi to all who follow x

  • *tentatively steps in*

    Morning ladies, newbie here.

    PS sorry to hear your tummy is playing up. Have you tried peppermint tea before bed? I drink a lot of it as it helps my tummy when it's playing up.

    Raincloud, it's not pathetic! Just don't try and hide the yawns, that sometimes looks worse!

    AFM I got a positive on a frer yesterday and a 1-2 on a CBD this morning. I didn't want to come over here yet as it's still a bit of a shock, but I had a couple of questions, so thought I may as well introduce myself. My main question is about caffeine! How much can I have?  I now can't remember what my other question was! My brain is a little sieve like at the mo!

    I can't get on MD all that much as I can't go on work but will be sneaking a look on my phone when I can :)

  • Morning All,

    PurpleStar - you have my total sympathies. This is my first full week back too and I am dreading it. I might even tell my boss today I look / feel so ill. Hope you survive today and feel better at some point today.

    Raincloud - that sound like a plan. Its so hard, you feel like you are lying to people but its all with best intentions. Hopefully a few early nights will help you cope with work this week

    Coco - Hope the birthday beginnings went well! Enjoy today, sounds far better than a day at work :(

    Gavi - hello, congratulations & welcome! I think you are allowed 2 x coffee or 4 x tea. There is caffeine in fizzy drinks ie coke and chocolate too though. I tend to pick one thing each day but that's easy for me as I am not a massive tea / coffee drinker, more decaff green tea but I cant stick it at the minute.

    I am feeling a lot better than I was over wkend thankfully and even managed a normal sunday lunch yesterday. Ive gave in and have been taking 2 x paracetamol each day for my headaches and its made the world of difference to me but I still look and feel crap. I wonder if the vaginal scan on friday afternoon upset little one? Friday evening and all day Saturday were horrendous, constantly throwing up & feeling faint & dizzy, My mum thinks it was a bug but I really don't.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Gavi - Always lovely to see some newbies...congratulations to you! I believe it's 200mg.. If you google for the NHS pregnancy info I believe they have a breakdown of the caffeine in hot/fizzy drinks and chocolate.

    SaSaSi - glad you're feeling better. I had a vaginal scan as part of my 12wk scan with I as the hospital was doing a medical trial so we had both...I didn't find it upset my belly or anything but it's with anything in pregnancy, we all get different symptoms/effects. Hope you enjoyed that Sunday Roast :-)

  • Hi Guys! I'm off to the 2nd tri thread properly today... eeek. See you all over there very soon! :) x

  • Morning all!  I'll try to do a proper reply today.

    PS - hope your stomach's feeling better soon - can you try something to calm it down, peppermint tea maybe, or what's that other tea that's supposed to be good to take if your BFing and your baby has wind - is it fennel? (brain has gone kaput lately!)

    raincloud - I'm always tired and yawning anyway, but hopefully it won't be like this your whole pregnancy.  It makes it worse that you can't have that much caffeine either!  I'm sure when it comes to the camp they'll let you off some of the activities, although I imagine it is difficult trying to plan it at the moment.

    Coco - Have fun at your playdate!  Wish I lived near more people from here etc.

    Gavi - congratulations!  You can have 200mg of caffeine a day - have a look on the NHS website, think it gives you how much is in the average drink.

    SaSaSi - I had paracetamol for some pains later in pregnancy last time, so they are ok to take - hope the headaches ease up a bit.  Have you made sure you're drinking more than usual?  Hope it was a bug and glad you're feeling bit better today x

    Pepperoni - see you there in about 8/9 weeks!

    I've had a busy weekend singing, still no real symptoms other than my boobs being bigger and sore.  

    I got a few appointments and referrals sorted out last week (referral to peri-natal psychiatrist at the hospital because of my PND last time, thyroid anti-natal clinic booked for March, MW booked for Feb, and blood test booked for tomorrow - that's for my thyroid which I've now got to have to have monitored monthly instead of every other month)  

    Feeling fine and can't believe I've only known a week!  I think I might struggle not to tell people before the scan this time, although I don't want C to know until after then and don't want anyone else to accidentally tell him.  We've told both lots of parents so far, but that's mainly because I wanted my Mum to know in case I had a bleed and spotting like it I did last time for the support.

    Hope everyone else is ok x

  • Hi ladies. Thanks for all your well-wishes on A's birthday, he had a lovely day. I'm going to attempt personals while he's eating his lunch (yes... late... bad mother).

    PS - hope your gas, er, releases soon! But not in front of people at work ha!

    Raincloud - hopefully it's just 1st tri tiredness, I found 1st tri to be the worst tri last time!

    Coco - oooh have fun! Wish I lived close to a big group of MDers!

    Gavi - can't remember exactly but I cut tea down to a couple of mugs a day max (never drank coffee) and remember chocolate and coke have caffeine in too.

    SaSaSi - glad you're feeling better, that weekend sounds horrendous!

    Pep - Byeeee! 2nd tri eeek!

    Deedee - glad you got all the appts sorted out, one less thing to worry about.

    AFM my god I'm bloody knackered. A was such a monkey last night, kept waking up crying for no apparent reason (didn't want food or cuddles, nappy fine, didn't sound like teeth). Am wondering how the hell I'll cope with two! Went out to a music class this morning and I should really do a food shop now but I just feel so tired, it's only a 20-min walk each way but it's hard carrying the buggy and shopping and coping with a bored and fractious A. H made noises last week about taking a couple of afternoons off to help me out but he's obviously forgotten. I think I'll just do an online shop tonight when A's in bed. I'm actually looking forward to starting work in a couple of weeks' time, as a break!! Pregnancy-wise still not started the morning sickness which I'm a bit concerned about but I suppose each pregnancy is different, plus last time I had plenty of time to analyse every twinge whereas this time I'm too busy to remember I'm pregnant half the time haha.

  • Pep - hope to see you soon lovely!

    Deedee -Fab that the ball is rolling and that they're monitoring your thyroid too.

    Saisi - Glad you had a fab time for A's birthday. Definitely do an online shop and stick your feet up

    Afm - Lovely morning at soft play with Bridget Gump and Houdini :-) Though suppose falling top to bottom of  whilst carrying O once home wasn't so clever :'( rang epau but didn't seem concerned, just take it easy and keep eye for pain or bleeding. Was More worried about O than myself. My back is a but site but hopefully otherwise we're unscathed. What a numpty!

  • *bit sore.....damn predictive text

  • Hello All,

    I finally feel better after the nausea of the last few days!! Officially 7 weeks today. Did plenty of work, ready for this week over the wkend so can chill when I get home now.

    If my left tonsil/gland wasn't swollen in my neck/throat and I could swallow better, I'd be 100%!! x

  • hey all

    PS -tummy issues sound horrible - hope it subsides

    RC - you sound like me.  Feel like manage all week and weekend it's just either bed or sofa!  Hope you start to feel a bit more energetic soon, but who are we kidding - it's first tri!

    Coco - oooh to your 30th.  Are you doing anthing special? are you still on Hitched? Don't recognise your name

    Sasasi - poor you feeling like that.

    Pep - congratulations on the graduation! hope to catch up with you soon

    Saisi - wow back to work in 2 weeks.  How do you feel about it? Imagine it must be so hard atter being off a while.

    Ali - glad you are feeling better!

    Gavi - so nice to see you!!!  Caffeine was something I was really interested in.  I never thought I'd cut down but when I read up about it I wanted to cut down.  I'm a complete caffeine addict and would have at least one coffee shop bought latte a day, which usually contains 2 shots of exxpreso. Much to my upset, the coffee shops don't have standard caffeine levels so just ended up switching to decaff which is still caffeine, but very reduced. Plus the milk is very good for you.

  • Hi Ceejay! No I left Hitched once the BT forums moved to here...I was never much of an OTer! Not much planned to be honest but I know H is planning something...he's been scheming! How you doing? X

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